The Members of FPS

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There were five members of FPS. Including Emily. Emily had now joined FPS. It was exciting to be in a team. The other four members were: Emma, Jason, Stephen and Chimp.

Emma was a mysterious girl. Her feathered wings always hid her light blue eyes. Emma was the girl with no humor, she had a lot of balance when it comes to flips and quick moving. Emma always wears white, the mysterious white fairy. She had extremely blonde hair, her hair grew all the way down to her knees. People had to be careful around Emma's hair, just in case her hair doesn't flick them in the face. Emma actually uses a trick to flick her hair into the enemies eyes, which stung a lot.

Now Jason is hard to explain. Jason doesn't really agree with most plans. He always is the person to go the other way. He had dark wings that had little spikes on the bottom half of them. Jason always wore black. Not like Emma though, she hates the colour black. Jason had average girl length hair. Which is past the shoulders. Jason had unusual humor senses, if someone attempted to try and make him laugh he would just stand there. But if it was like a person talking about rubbish all the time then he fell over, then Jason would laugh. So it's like one of those mean laughs.

You have met and known Stephen, but there's more about him... Stephen has never liked love. But when he saw Emily for the first time, he was shocked! Stephen wanted to do something special for that girl. That lovely girl with the long blue silver dress and beautiful big sparkle wings that flutter more beautifully than a butterfly. He now understood love. Sometimes he would just day dream about Emily and forget his plans. Stephen was the leader of the FPS. Obviously he would let Emily into the team straight away. His wings were blue like hers and every time he flutters them, blue sparks would spurt out, like his hair.

Chimp? Well he is the funny character in this story. He is a male with loads of laughter in his brain. All he thinks about is laugh, laugh and laugh. Even on serious times he would let out a little giggle. Now, you are probably wondering, If he is so stupid why is he in the FPS? Ah, now Chimp has a dark side too. He always laughs when it's not him being the one laughed at. So if someone said,

"Hey, Chimp! Your tail is like a fat burnt twig," Chimp would have a long stare at the person and go into dark form. Chimp would bounce into invisibility and charge at that same person and knock him straight off his feet. Sometimes if it's very mean, Chimp would open a portal to hell and the person would get sucked in to the portal. Chimp wasn't a fairy with wings. He had a long tail to crush the enemy and make him fly off back to his base.

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