Hi, my name is Princess. Yes, that IS my real name. I'm in a band called: The Direction! I'm the cute 1 And here's my description :)

Hair: Bleach Blonde with turquoise highlights and straight

Eyes: light blue surrounded by turquoise

Age: 17

Height: 5'5 1/2

Full Name: Princess Nicole Horen

Nicknames: Pri and Nicole

I am quite shy but I swear like a sailor at times. I am sweet (friends say that) and I'm Irish ;) luck of the Irish babe! Well that's me, baiiii :D


VAS HAPPENIN'?! I'm Zayle and in Pri's band:The Direction! I'm the vain 1 and here's my description! ;)

Hair- straight, dark brown and perfect ;)

Age: 17

Eyes- chocolate brown

Height- 5'7

Full Name- Zayle Jade Maliik (May-lick)

Nicknames- Zay and Ms.Swaggy

I'm shy at first then BA-BAAM I'm all around crazy. I was born in the Carribean and have a perminent tan, I'm the rapper of the group, well bai babes ;)


Heyoooo I'm Louis Elenour Lane! (Yes, it's pronounced the Louis Lane from SUPERMAAAAAN!) I'm also in The Direction and I'm the oldest but immature 1! Below is my descriptionnnnn <3

Hair- light brown!

Eyes- ocean blue w/ light blue outlined

Age- 19

Height- 5'7

Full Name- Louis Elenour Lane

Nicknames- Lou, Louis, El

I am the eldest and most immature. I wear suspenders and toms :D and I am SUPERWOMANNNNNN! Buh-Bai lovelies!


Hey I'm Harri! My curls are my secret weapon ;) nobody can resist da curls! I'm in The Direction and the youngest (but apparently the slut) description belowww

Hair- super curly

Eyes- emerald green with Irish green surrounding

Height- 5'8

Full Name- Harriet Edmun Style

Nicknames- Harri!

Im da perverted fun 1!!! Love yous ;) oh and Louis is mine grrrr :0


Hi, my name is Lia Pain. I'm in The Direction and pretty responsible, plus I dot drink so...designated driver ): here's my description

Hair- brown ;)

Eyes- light brown with gray

Height- 5'7 1/2

Full Name- Lia Jami Pain

Nicknames- Mummy Direction and Lia or Li

I'm the Mum of the group and keep everybody/everything in order :) bye bye

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