Chapter 3

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Jay's POV

 Tressi, Tom, Max, Siva, Nathan, Kirsty, Emily, Katie and me sat stacked up on the two chairs, the love seat and a couch thing. 

Nath:"Does anyone know when Katlyn and Maria will get here."

Emily:"When I left Katlyn was doing her hair and Maria was doing her make-up so sometime soon."

Katie:"I just texted Katlyn and she said burnt her neck with her curling iron so Maria is helping her with the rest of her hair but she'll be down in 5."

Kirsty:"I did that once it hurts for days, I still have the scar too." She moved her hair so we could see the scar on the back side of her neck.

Me"I was born with these curls ladies."

Tom:"No you put our hair in curlers everyday." he said laughing 

Tom's POV

 I heard her voice before I saw her. I looked over my shoulder and saw her coming down the stairs she had on a dark blue tank top, dark wash skinny jean tucked in to black high heeled black boots she had her brown hair in a ponytail.She looked around for a place to sit I scooted over just enough for her to sit. She skipped over to the spot next to me and flashed a smile I couldn't wait to get to know her better.

Maria:"Hey guess sorry were late Katlyn's neck got burned pretty bad so Nath no putting your arm around her."

Emily:"or hugging."

Katie:"Or kissing I guess we can let you hold her hand."

Katlyn:"Guys I'm 18 and you didn't mind when we meet at Starbucks and he gave me a hug." Her voice was getting higher and her hands were in a fist.

Maria:"Well that was before he was you boyfriend." Katlyn's face turned a bright red and shot the three girls a glare.

Maria:"So whats the plan for the night.?

Jay:"How about we go eat then decide from there?"

We all agreed on the idea and decided to go to the pizza joint down the street.

Maria:"What did you get from the meet and greet?"

Me:"Some shirts, stuffed parrots some other stuff oh and I met a really hot, nice girl."

Maria:"Oh whats her name."


Maria:"Hmmm well I bet she can't wait to hang out with you."

I put my arm around her waist and pulled her close to me.

Me:"Well I can't wait to take her home to meet the family." I whispered in her ear. She turned a beet red and snuggled closer into my side.I looked over at her and brushed her bangs out of eyes she gave me a small smile and I kissed her on her forehead then looked in to her eyes I think shes the one I've been waiting for.

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