Layla's P.O.V

As we approached the house, I felt sick to my stomach. Away from my friends. Family. And my old life. As we pulled into the house I sighed. I'm the only girl except for my mom. Fun right? Ha, no. We all piled out and I have to say, dad did a fabulous job at picking it out. It was a huge Villa in a neighborhood full of the same kind of houses. I smiled and walked intot he house. The emptiness made it feel unwelcoming and gave me the chills. But that feeling will soon pass by as my family gets comfortable with it and we warm up to the house. As I made my way p the stairwell, I wondered where Tom would be. I sighed knowing he's probably busy and forgot about stupid me who did even bother to keep in touch after he got busier. He probably forgot about everything in London that happened between us. Our feelings. he said he really liked me and didnt even ask me to be his girlfriend. I could have done a long ditance relationship since I've had one before. But you know, whatever, I'm just a memory thats slowly fading. I went into my room and felt at home. I sniffed in the heavy aroma of warm Vanilla. I smiled and plopped down on my bed. And I noticed something. I went over to my dresser and looked at the mirror. All the pictures of Tom and I in London were hung around the mirror and all the things he got me. A necklace. The signature I got went I met him. The bracelet that was so special because It had a diving board and field hockey stick on it. I felt tears fall down my face I remembered the brown haired, deep loving brown eyed boy. I heard a soft knock and saw my Dad standing there. I ran right into his chest and cried. "Daddy, I miss him so much" I sobbed into his chest. "I know Lay" I cried harder. Tom called me that. "Sorry hun, but we're all going over to one of your mother's friends house for dinner. I sighed as the tears stopped and I hiccuped. "Ok, when are we going?" I asked and he looked at his Rollex watch. "In about an hour" I groaned and shooed him out and ran straight for my ensuite bathroom. I had no idea how to use the handle but finally fgured it out. I cleansed my body and scrubbed my head hard. I finally got out and went to my walk in closet which had all of my fancy clothes in it. I scanned my closet and found the perfect outfit. I pulled out my short sleeve knit peach and navy Combi Dress, black peep toe platforms, natural makeup, and a black clutch. I snapped on the diving board and field hockey bracelet, I put the locket necklace Tom gave to me on, a nude oval bead ring, and a cross and chain wrap brracelet. I let my natural wavy black hair down. I sprayed on 'Warm Spun Vanilla' perfume and made my way downstairs I smiled at my brothers as they all were wearing polos, khakis, and oxfords. We walked basically across the street and my mom answered the door. "Hey Debbie how are you?" my mom asked this Debbie lady. "Michelle how nice to see you I'm good how about yourself?' as the continued on witht heir conversations my brother whispered he needed to go pee. I grabbed his hand and butted in on their conversation. "Hello I'm Layla, sorry to interupt but my brother here needs to use the bathroom" I said and Debbie smiled at me. "The loo is the first door on your right when you walk up the stairs" "Thank you" I said and pulled my brother in and walked him up the stairs. "Hurry before someone sees us Drew" he rolled his eyes. "Whatever bossy pants" and he was out within a matter of minutes. While he was in there I decided to snoop a bit. There were pictures of a man and a woman probably Debbie and her husband and a boy that looked a little bit like Tom when he must have been littler. I walked down the stairs with Drew's hand interlocked with mine and we walked to where our parents are. I noticed a boy around Drew's age who is 10 and a 13 year old who is Nick's age. I smiled as me and Drew walked in. "Oh and this is my daughter Layla and my other son Drew. Drew is 10 and Layla is 19" my mom said smiling. I waved at the two boys and Debbie and they smiled back. "Well, Will and Ben why dont you go play on your Xbox with Drew and Nick?" Debbie asked and the boys nodded. Drew and Nick followed them and I turned to the adults. "Layla dear, my son is upstairs I think, he is around your age" Debbie said and I nodded as I left my parents and Debbie and went back upstairs. I looked around. There was a room with a huge queen sized which I guess is Debbie's room and I looked around again. I heard noise coming from another room with a closed door and I reconized my brother's voices. I smiled and creaked open the door to find four boys playing on Ben and Will's Xbox. "Layla go away" Nick groaned and he returned to playing on the Xbox. "Wow Nick I feel so loved. i was just checking on you' I said and closed the door. I heard laughs come from the room and the door opened again to reveal all four boys. "What?" I asked and they smiled even bigger. "We hear you play" Ben said. I nodded. "Well, we'll do a friendly bet. If you win, you get to sit next to who ever you want at the table" Ben said and Will picked up from where he left off. "And if Ben wins you have to sit next to our brother" "Game on" I replied and jumped right on one of the beanbags. After around 5 minutes, a knock came from the boys room. Ben and I continued to play as Will, Drew and Nick answered the door. "Your so dead" Ben whispered. "Ben, I'm kicking your butt, you have absolutely no chance at winning" i sighed and he kicked his foot. I laughed at him and continued. "Who's in there? A girl?" a voice said. "Yeah, just the neighbor" Will said and the other person sighed. "Just keep it down ok I'm trying to focus" the voice said. "Well crying into your pillow about some girl isn't concentrating" Will said and closed the door. "Who was that?" i asked but kept my focus on the screen. "Just our brother being annoying" Will said and sat next to Ben as my brothers came and sat next to me. "Why does he cry about a girl?" I asked, curious to know why. "Just some girl that he apparently really loved and cared about but 'didn't get to say I love you and ask to be his girlfriend'" Will said, clearly imatating his brother. Ben laughed and Nick and Drew sniggered. "Same with this whack job. Always crying about some boy" Nick said and I elbowed him. "Not uh" i lied. "Well you and my brother would be-" he was cut off by Ben's scream of defeat and my yell of victory. "How? No one beats me!" Ben said and threw the controller on the floor. "Well, I play everyday against my brothers" I said and he nodded in defeat. "WILL, BEN THATS IT" A male voice screamed. Will and Ben looked around frantically and shoved me, Nick and Drew in their closet. "Nick your elbowing me in the boob" I said and the pain relieved. "Ewwwy" he squeeled but I covered his mouth. "I told you to be quiet" a stern voice said. "Were sorry Mr. Moody" Ben said. "Anyways it's time for dinner" "we'll get the neighbors then" Will said and footsteps pounded near us. The door opened and Nick and Drew pushed me out and I landed face first on the ground. "Ow, you idiots" I said and kicked Nick and Drew in their area. Ben and Will then errupted into fits of laughter and another pair of footsteps came into the doorway. Ben and Will heaved me up and I straigted out my dress. "Your wearing heels, heels" Drew moaned. "Was that neciassry in heels Layla Hunt?" Nick said and I shrugged. "L-Layla?" A voice stuttered from behind me. I turned around and saw him. the one who I cry about and fall asleep to dreams about him. the boy who was my heart throb and became my friend within the first few days of meeting. This, this ladies and gentlemen is the boy I love with all of my heart. Tom Daley stood infront of my, brown eyes watering like my own. I ran up to him and into his grasp. I felt his grip tighten around me and I felt the same sparks and butterflies I always got around him. "Tom, get out of our room with your little girlfriend before something more happens" Will and Ben said and they shoved him and I into the hallway. I was still in his grasp and my arms moved to around his neck and my arms locked into place at his neck. I cried into his chest. His warm hands rubbed my back and I sighed. When we pulled away, he stared at me and I smiled at him. "Tom you dont know-" but he cut me off with his lips on mine. These lips I missed moving against mine and cutting me off in mid sentance. Tom slowly moved me into his room and pressed me against the wall. My leg rose up and wrapped around his hip and he pressed closer to me and the kiss got deeper. Tom grabbed my leg and his other one, pressed against his wall. my back arched as he made love bites down my neck. "Tom" I moaned and his lips smashed against mine again. We pulled away breathless and looking deeply into eachothers eyes. "You have no idea how much I've missed that" he said and he moved his hands, so our bodies are pressed together and foreheads touching. "you have no idea how much I've missed you" i said and pecked his cheek. "Layla-" he began but his mothers voice came from the other side. "Tom and Layla, dinner's ready" and we sighed. "Alright mum, we'll be down in a second" he replied and we smiled at eachother. He kissed my lips sweetly again before he held my hand and we walked down the steps.

At that moment when I saw him in their room, I knew that our love for eachother never died like a fire does when you put water on it.

It was our true love that kept the fire burning. As our fingers interlocked automatically, I looked up at him and he looked at me. Our foreheads rested on eachothers and we looked into eachothers eyes while walking to the dinning room. I smiled at him and we faced everyone and sat down next to eachother holding hands. And that's when the question popped up in the coversation.

"So Layla and Tom, how did you too love birds meet?"



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