Life's End

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“Woo!” I let out a scream as I danced around to whatever music was blaring in the background. Outside the sky was dark; a storm was rolling in, in more ways than one. I wasn’t supposed to be here, I was supposed to be at home with my family and loved ones but it didn’t matter. I needed to live in the moment; I needed to have fun. Time was about to run out.

They say that the raging storm passing through my little town of Godrich was a sign from God. For some, it was a sign that something bad was coming, but I didn’t think so. I figured he would have been happy with the forth-coming decision; after all, it was his choice was it not?

“Come on Abbey.” My best friend Catelyn sighed at me, “I’m tired. It’s 3 am and my feet are killing me from these heels. They need to be renamed into hell’s shoes. Who knew gorgeous meant to deadly?” I let out a drunken laugh.

“No, sleep is for the weak.” I replied, but despite my best efforts, my body was giving up on me as I let out a yawn. “I’m not ready to sleep; I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

“Oh Abs,” Catelyn shook her head. “We’re going.” She tried to grab a hold of my wrist but she was as drunk as I was, which meant our hand eye coordination was not there.

Eventually she was able to take hold of me and pulled me out of the now dead house. Only hours ago the house had been in full swing: music was blaring, people were chatting and drinking. There wasn’t a care in the world. Now the clock was ticking again, reality had to settle in again. I wasn’t allowed to run away forever.

Outside the storm was still caring on and we didn’t know when it would end. I knew my paranoid sister would be sitting up watching the weather network radar in hopes it would end soon. But some things ended sooner than others, I was betting on this to be later.

“It was such a dumb idea to wear white!” shrieked Catelyn. Her mouth was open as she held her left hand over her eyes so she could see. “Why did Jamison have to have an all white party?” I glanced over at her before beginning to turn in circles. I loved the rain; I loved feeling it on my skin, especially tonight. Tonight, it felt like a part of me.

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