My Mistake...

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Chapter 11: My Mistake...

**Five months later**

By now everything has sort of died down and we where getting things ready for the baby. We still didn't know what it was but we where doing the room in a boy/girl color. It was yellow with pink and blue everywhere. It was next to my room and dads room. Niall was looking for a bigger flat but i told him to just wait untill a few months after it got here. Harry's mom Anne and sister Gemma where taking me to my doctors visit. I was whearing Niall's grey sweats and a white cami with his blue jacket and a pair of black boots.


When we got there i was so happy/nervouse/scared/sad/all of these diffrent feelings. Plus hungry i was alsays eating. I blame Niall for that. As we where waiting in the room my stomach started feeling diffrent. Like there was so much presure in my stomach. I stood up to walk around but when i did i just fell right back down. The last thing i remember is seeing Anne running to me screaming something.

**Gemma's P.O.V**

"CALL THE DOCTORE GEMMA NOW" i heard my mom yell as i was talking to Harry on the phone. I dropped my phone as i saw Payton laying there in blood. I ran to find a doctor they took her to a big room with all these lights and sharp tools. I was so scared and worried . I remembered Harry was still probably on the phone i ran and picked it up. "Hello Gemma whats wrong?" he said shakingly "Harry something's wrong with Pay...there was so much blood...and..they took her to some room...Harry im scared." I started to cry as i heard theh phone call end.

**Harry's P.O.V**

"Harry something's wrong with Pay...there was so much blood...and..they took her to some room...Harry im scared." Gemma said begining to cry. I hung up and looked at the boys playing video games and eating chips. Niall was on the floor with Eli playing C.O.D. Zayn and Liam where playing the Wii. Louis was throwing chips at people and screaming. "Guys" is aid kind of quit. "GUYS" i yelled a tear streaming down my cheek as i walking in the room. They all looked at me confused. ""as i said this they all jumped up putting on there shoes and jumpers. I called Paul and told him what Gemma told me he siad he would meat us there. When we got there Niall was the first out of the car running inside.

**Niall's P.O.V**

I ran as fast as i could go. I ran to the counter "Im looking for Payton Williams its really important that i see her as soon as passible"I said trying not to cry. The lady looked at me with ahorrible look on her face "Sir Miss Williams is in surgery" My heart sunk. Surgery but what for? All the other lads came in and we sat down in the seats waiting for Gemma or Anne to come tell us something. I was paceing back and forth trying not to cry. It wasn't working to well. I saw Gemma walk in wearing an all blue outfit tears all down her face i ran to her. "Gemma how is is the baby...are they she ganna be ok..what happened...can i see her?" she began crying harded and lookin at me "NIall...she...she...i cant tell you"my heart sunk why couldnt she tell me?

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