Part 4: -Whats up with Corey and Sasha :]

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{Meanwhile Sasha meets up with Corey at his house}

Sasha: Hi Mr. Henry

Corey's dad: Looking for Corey

Sasha: Yes

Corey's dad: He said he was with you at your house

Sasha: Ok thank you for all your help

Corey's dad: No problem

Sasha: Bye

{Sasha calls Corey}

"Ring,Ring,Ring,Ring" He answers

Corey: Hello

Sasha: Where the h*** are you?

Corey: At my house[Corey baby were are my clothes]shut the f*** up damn

Sasha: Who the Hell was know what don't answer that I'm tired of your bullshit go be with your whores

{She ends the call}

[She calls Poookie]

Sachiya: Hello

Sasha: Where you at

Sachiya: I'm out why

Sasha: Corey cheated on me again im done with his p**** a** and his small d*** p**** sucking a**

Saschiya: Ok ill be there to come pick you up come to my house and park your car in the garage

Sasha: OK

{Ends phone call and pulls up to Sachiya house}

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