chapter 2

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I'll tell you one thing,i hate mornings.My mom woke me up at 6:00 am.

"Mom,why did you wake me up so early"!

"Its time for the dig"!

"At 6:00 Am"?

"Yes and if we don't hurry,we'll be late".

"how can we be late at 6:00 am"?

"not the point,just come on"!

"fine,like i have a choice".

Then my mom gives me a face.

So when we arrive,all i see is a big dirt hole,and a out house.

"Mom,are you serious"?

"yes,and when you hit the 'big leagues',you'll see this all the time".


So me and mom diged for a hour,and found nothing.But later on,my mom finds a pottry shard.And after hours of digging,i finnaly find something.

I was digging,then i notice a shining bronze colored shard sticking out of the ground.I get all excited and i start digging.It was a necklice,but it had a odd shape.It had a very detailed face of a women,with a odd helmet on.And right above it,it had these strange letters.I get all excited,and show my mom.

"i knew you would like archeology"!

"ok,not really,but what dose this say"?

She reads it for five minutes,then tells me what it says.

"It says the wisdom of athena".

"Who's athena"?

"She's the fabeled greek god of wisdom".

"Ok,but can i keep this"?

"sure honey,but don't tell your father".

Thats when i made a big mistake.


Well what do you think?is it good?

Well thanks for reading,and i'll post more soon,bye

-alexia cronin

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