Chapter 3

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Harry dreaded the next morning of school. He didn’t want to face Louis. He was so confused right now. “I’m not gay.” He kept telling himself over and over again. Harry’s door opened and he saw Daisy walk in.

“Seriously Harold, put some pants on.” She said laughing.

“Maybe you should call before you walk into my room, or at least knock.” Harry smirked

“Since when do I knock?”

“Never, and every time you walk in on me naked. I’m thinking that you do it on purpose. Dirty, dirty girl.” Daisy threw a pillow at Harry and laughed.

“Get dressed. You have school to attend!” Harry got up and went to take a quick shower. He walked down stairs and saw Daisy talking to his mom.

“Daisy, come up here real quick.” Harry yelled from the stairs. Daisy walked up to his room and found Harry dressed and ready to leave. “Tie my shoes.” Harry laughed

“I’m not your slave. Is that what you really called me up here for?”

“No. I need you to hook me up. Really hot girl.”

“I thought you were done with these one night stand things.”

“I’ll be done when I find someone worth more than 30 minutes of my life.”



“Get up. I have to take you to school.” She slapped his leg and he hopped off the bed. Daisy drove Harry to school and dropped him off.

“So, that girl?” Harry asked as he was getting out of the car. Daisy rolled her eyes and drove away. Harry walked into the school and met up with Niall and Liam. Niall was wrapped up in Miranda and Liam and Celine were in a deep conversation. Harry rolled his eyes and pulled out his phone. There was a text from Daisy saying that she wasn’t getting him the girl. He sighed and waited for all the girls to come up to him.

“Harry!” A girl yelled behind him. Harry smiled. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his neck. He grabbed her hand and dragged her behind him. He led her to the bathroom and started to kiss her. He kissed down her neck leaving some hickeys behind. He found her mouth she licked his bottom lip begging for entrance. He let her in and the kiss was sloppy. She kept trying to fight for dominance, but Harry wouldn’t let her have it. Harry felt pleasure come upon him and he moaned.

“Louis.” He moaned. The girl stopped kissing him and looked at him.

“What did you just call me?”

“Uhm, I don’t know what you are talking about?” He went to kiss her again, but she blocked his face.

“No. Not until you learn my name!” She stormed out of the bathroom and Harry sighed.

“Damnit!” he punched the bathroom wall and winced in pain. “Ah, god!” He clenched his fist and held it against his chest. Niall came through the door and saw Harry.

“What happened?” Niall asked worried.

“I punched the wall like the genius I am.” Harry said sarcastically

“Uh, why? And what did you do to her? She left the bathroom pissed.”

“Just forget it and go get me some damn ice!” Harry yelled. Niall walked out of the bathroom and Harry followed. When he walked out he found Louis almost immediately. His brown feathery hair was spiked to the side and he was wearing a white shirt with small blue stripes and bright red pants. Louis caught Harry’s attentions and Harry looked away quickly to get some ice. Celine and Liam ran up to Harry.

“Oh my god Harry! What did you do?” Celine asked

“Seriously everyone stop asking me that. It’s obvious I punched something.” Harry’s voice was angry. He glanced over at Louis who was laughing with all his friends. He saw that those two new kids were over there. The pretty new girl was sitting next to Zayn and the boy was sitting next to one of Louis’ friends. Kelsey I think her name is.

“Harry!” Liam yelled. He was shaking his hand in front of his face.

“What?” Harry said looking back at Liam.

“You need to go get this checked out. How hard did you hit that wall?”

“Hard enough obviously.” Harry picked up his bag and walked away. He walked into the hallway and dropped his bag. The pain was almost unbearable.

“You might want to go get that checked.” A voice came from behind him. It was angelic. Harry turned to see Louis standing behind him.

“What do you want?”

“To know what happened yesterday after school.”

“Nothing happened. You are lucky I didn’t punch you.”

“Harry stop.” Louis stepped closer to him now. “There is no one around so stop acting. I saw something in your eyes yesterday and it wasn’t anger.” Harry turned to face his body towards Louis.

“So tell me then. What did you see?” Harry stepped closer now only leaving inches between their faces.

“Lust Harry, lust.” Chills ran down Harry’s spine at the feel of Louis’ breath against his skin. He put his non injured hand on Louis firm chest. “So explain to me Harry. What were your intentions?”

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