The words on the list swirl around in my mind. I've been told I'm cute and sweet. From people older than me, at least. Why is it that younger people can never be fierce or tenacious? It's almost as if those are qualities you can't have until you lose your big eyes and young features. How am I supposed to get any sponsors if I look like someone's sweet little daughter? No one expects me to actually fight in the arena-just die an adorable death. And with people like the Careers in this game, that may be all I can do. What if I end up being nothing more than a sweet face in the night sky? 

I walk down to my room, and mentally try to solve my issue. It's not that I want to thought of as barbaric or anything. I'd just like to be...I don't know. A contender, maybe. Someone who may not be a killer, but still has a fighting chance of surviving. But I have to get rid of this "cute" persona first, If I want that to happen. I can't let people forget about me. 

I flop down on my bed, and decide to do some brainstorming myself. Aurelia isn't the only person who can make lists. Closing my eyes, I try to picture myself mentally. What are my good qualities? I think. I'm not physically strong. But maybe I'm mentally strong enough to make an impression. I'm not nearly as brave as that girl from Twelve- but maybe, if I try, I can come close. Maybe I'm...tenacious. Yes. If I can't be fearsome, I can at least be that. I hop off the bed. Maybe I can find Aurelia again and get her to work on this with me. 

I walk quietly down the halls of our compartments. If I want Aurelia's help, I'll need assistance from something else. Walking into the sumptous dining room, I can see that there is food set out, even though it's not at all close to lunch. Maybe there's just always food out in the Capitol, so no one has to go hungry for a second. I cautiously look towards either side of me before stopping myself. I would never be allowed around this much food back home, and I can't shake the feeling that I'm supposed to be somewhere else. Taking an intricately painted china plate, I carefully place fresh fruits and chocolate on the dish. I arrange them in a flower pattern in the center of the plate. Being careful not to tilt the plate to much and spoil the design, I carry it down to the living room, where Aurelia is reclining on the fluffies couch I've ever seen. Her eyes are closed, and she's leaning back on the sofa, looking incredibly stressed. There's no door, so I knock on the window frame. Aurelia's eyes open, and immediately narrow again.

"What are you doing here?" she snaps. I hand her the plate. She snatches it from me, and it ruins the flower design. 

"What's this?" 

"Well... I looked in here...And you seemed I brought you this," I stammer. Aurelia examins the dish. 

"Chocolate?" I nod.

"And watermelon" I don't know if it's watermelon or not. We don't have that sort of thing in the orchards. But I think that we may grow them somewhere else in our district. I nod uncertainly, and there is a long pause. 

"Thank you," she finally mutters. I smile. Maybe Aurelia will agree to help me. 

"Though," she starts again, "You really should have brought some water. Chocolate makes me thirsty." I sigh. 

"Would you like me to get you some?" Aurelia regards me suspiciously. Finally, she nods. I walk away towards the dining room, and smile to myself. It seems as if this plan may work. Suddenly, I hear Aurelia's voice coming from the living room.

"While you're at it, get me some more chocolate, would you?" I sigh. I would love to say no and walk away, but I can't. If I want her help, I'm going to have to cooperate.

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