RBAM-FBALV - Jake and Drake..

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Rejected By My Alpha-mate, found by a loving vampire

Jake’s POV

Bringing the female vampire in the cell and locking her up didn’t take much long time. In fact, it turned out as if it passed like a blur. I was not surprised. My pace from a while ago was urgent. As long as the female vampire was securely locked up in her cell and after a few words with my men guarding the cell, I quickly went back to where my mate was. Only to find her on her stomach with her head resting on her two paws. Her ears twitched as I approach her. 

She cracked her green eye open and then when she saw me, she slowly got up. 

Now! It’s my time now! My wolf inside who was getting desperate ordered. 

I sighed and focused on my mate who was still in her wolf form. ‘’ We are gonna go for a run now babe. You like that?‘’ 

I smiled when she yipped, her playful side appearing. She then leaped in front of me. I chuckled.

‘’ How about a chase? ‘’ I asked as I brought my hand to caress her fur. ‘’ You run, I chase you. ‘’ I said to her. She yipped again and with a short lick, she disappeared into the woods. 

She was fast. She was there and then the next thing I saw was her shadow getting farther and farther away from me.  And I know it has something to do with her being a half vampire.

I smiled as pride for my mate filled my entire being. 

I closed my eyes and thought about my wolf. About how our mate looks like while running waiting for us to chase her, about how it felt to run freely and how nice the feeling of the ground on your feet and the wind blowing my face and fur. Eventually, I felt the energy building in within me and just like that I transformed into my black wolf

‘’ Your time. Don’t do anything stupid. I’ll be watching. ‘’ I said to my wolf.

‘’ You wish.. ‘’ was the only thing I got for a reply. 

The massive wolf raised his head to the sky and let out a long howl, a sign that the chase has begun. 

Drake’s POV

Home and Warmth. It felt like I’ve never felt as warm and at home as I am now. The luscious scent was everywhere around me, my nose relishing it and taking all of it in. It feels like..... home.

Consciousness slowly greeted my senses and I noticed I was moving up and down in a slow rhythm. I was really..... comfortable.

I slowly opened my red eyes. I was still a cat, I am aware but what greeted me was a tempting neck. I can strongly sense the pulse in that  throat and the vein pulsing her warm sweet blood. 

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