State of Amestris: Running Out Bradley PT 2: Mannequin Soldiers

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"Now sis..." Cylon grabs my arm.

"Well she has Edward's temper..." Olivier remarks casually.

"Yeah yeah...the vertically challenged, golden-haired alchemist with the automail arm and no knowledge of keeping cool in fights..." I grumble.

"Vertically challenged, hu? That's a new way to say it!" Alex laughs.

"Well I do enjoy being original." I smile "But really, we need to kill the mannequin soldiers..."

"If you really wanna give it a try...." Olivier trails off. "but I'm not holding my breath..." and we start walking down a hall.

"Hey this building is military only!" a guy growls when he walks up.

"Are you questioning my lead, soldier?!" Olivier retorts, glaring at the guy, who shrinks back slightly

"N-n-no sir..." the guy stammers. "B-b-but we're only suppose to have military in here and..."

"QUIET!!" she snaps "you do your job and I'll do mine!"

The guy gets wide-eyed, then tries to go on boldly. "W-w-we were under strict orders to..."

"Orders change, soldier!" she growls.

"You know, I don't care what you do or who you are, you don't look very strong when you're shaking like a drunk and stammering with every 1st word...." Cylon mutters softly, just loud enough for people to hear. The guy gets red and walks away, clearly ashamed to have been scared by a girl and called out by another one...I can see where that might be embarrassing. Eventually we reach the room and we open the door and step in, making sure none of them get out.

"Ready, sis?" I ask.

"Yes, of course." Cylon smiles.

"Make it theatrical, ok? Just because we're killing doesn't mean we can't do it with a little flare." I pull a gun out.

"That won't..." Alex starts, Olivier puts her hand up to quiet him. I smile and pull the trigger. Using the sparks made from the fact that it's got not projectile, only some gun powder, I make flames shoot out of it in what look like rose-vines. They shoot out at half of them and burn them to ashes.

"My turn?" Cylon asks as they all start running at us.

"You bet."

"Ok..." we jump up just before they get to us and she snaps her fingers and shoots what look like flame dragons at them. 2 fire dragons that eat all the rest of the soldiers in that room, but there's still the room across from this entrance...a smaller room crammed with them. Alex and Olivier stare, befuddled.

"Hey, sis...what-du-ya say we do a musical number for the rest?" I ask, looking at her.

"Oh, can we do New Orleans by Kid Rock?!"

"Sure." I laugh slightly.

"Do what by who...?" Alex looks at us.

" wouldn't know because...." my sister starts.

"Not a very known band." I interrupt before she tells our secret. "Now come on!" I grab her hand and run across the room to the doors on the other side before she can object. "Let's start out here so we have the beat."

"Right." she opens the door and we start snapping to the beat we know so well, shooting flames at them 1 at a time. "I'm goin' down to New Orleans to see about a friend a' mine."

"I'm goin' down to New Orleans, an' leavin' alla this behind." I sing the next line as we keep the beat, alternating lines and singing some of them together as well, also doing the whistling parts. Alex and Olivier stare.

"Well I suppose it's a good song..." Olivier mutters.

"Good song?! It's a great song! I just wish we could hear the original!" Alex replies. "They're pretty good singers to...and they haven't missed the beat once!"

"How would you know, you've never heard the song..." Olivier facepalms. "and what the hell is gumbo?"

"I'm more wondering how they're using flame alchemy...supposedly Mustang was the last flame one else was suppose to be able to learn it because the secrets were destroyed..."

"Yes, but they seem to have even more control over them then he does...." she replies.

"yeah..." just as he agrees with her, we finish both our song and the soldiers.

"Great...where's Sloth...?" I ask, knowing he's either here already or going to be. However, the question was more to myself then to them.

"Who...?" Olivier asks as there's a loud boom and crushing sound, followed by a deep voice saying something that couldn't be made out.

"Never mind..." I sigh as me and Cylon take off to where the sound came from. They follow along as well...

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