State of Amestris: Running Out Bradley PT 2: Mannequin Soldiers

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“u've been taught tht the truth is ez 2 hide.” I growl at Bradley as we fight. “just like a human...but the truth is ez 2 c if u look...”

“just like a human, u say? Y is THT!?” he attacks me with the sword and I fade 2 the left, easily avoiding him.

“simple.” I reply, ducking his sword with my hands casually behind my bak. “tell me Bradley, was there any point in time in ur life u actually told the truth?”

“y aren't u fighting bak?!” he snaps, thrusting is sword at me again and I leap over it and over him, landing on the other side of him.

“y r u avoiding the question, Bradley?”

Needless 2 say I never did get an answer. The moral is tht the truth will always reveal matter how well u think u lied...the questions tht has no answers...u can lie ur way thro them but in the end it's all the is full of bull shit and u have 2 b able 2 detect and avoid it at all cost. What exactly do u want me 2 b, Bradley....? Another mindless drown, I suppose? I refuse...

Phase 2...Mustang “kidnaps” Bradley's wife, knowing the rest of the military would b ordered 2 keep him alive and kill the rest...he was needed 4 “Father's” plan but the rest were useless 2 him, so they could b killed. Tht went just as we planned...and we announced it along with Bradley's fall and presumed death on a radio station we invaded. We knew he wasn't actually dead...but it would b likely if he was human which every1 assumed he was. Only a few of us kno Humunculii r even rll so only a few of us kno his tru identity. Tht was actually helpful...because then we had Martel tell what actually happened at Ishval...

Of course, tht made the military call the station and they pretended 2 b hostages...while we went 4 a trip 2 central. In this case, we were playing the part of the special opps. This made things very interesting...we used the tunnel Sloth dug and made places off of it. Not only did it disturb the circle but it gave us access 2 the entire country...

“and as u all sit free and well, another soldier had 2 yell 'tell my wife and children I love them!' in his last breath and every1 turned a blind eye 2 it!” Martel says with force on the radio. She's speaking from the heart...something no1 has done 4 a long while. “sometimes....sometimes the only thing tht kept them alive was the thought of family...and tht wasn't was just another night in Hell...and another child tht wouldn't live 2 another day...can u imagine being a mother, father, grandmother, even just a friend....having 2 kno tht...but no1...NO1 HAD THE GUTS 2 SAY ANYTHING 2 STOP IT!!! every1 was pointin' fingers instead of accepting tht they, 2, were 2 blame! Some1 once told me tht if u can stand the pain then u can withstand anything...but then y is the truth the 1 thing most people can't stand up 2?”

Breaking in2 the military base was ez with the Armstrongs there. It was obvious they were listening 2 the radio. And hey...they had was threatening 2 them...however, Olivier had clearly taken control here.

“r all the mannequin soldiers down and out?” Cylon asks.

“i only wish...” Alex replies. “but we did get them all in 1 room, like u asked.”

“perfect...” I smirk slightly. Me and Cylon make eye contact, nod, and look at them.

“take us 2 the room.” we say at the same time. They both look confused.

“what do u plan on doing there?” Olivier asks.

“we're going 2 kill them, isn't it obvious...?” I reply.

“all of our people couldn't kill them and u think u 2 kids can?” Alex asks.

“KIDS!?” I snap.

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