Well all im gonna say if you don't like Jaythan stories dont read it and if you're reading a boyxboy story for the first time then i hope you like them. So lets get started on the Journey of Jaythan oh and um this story starts off suckish because my past dumbass wrote it. Yess i know im insulting myself well byee 


Jays POV

 Dear Jay rememebr what we said you have ten years to kill Gemma and for yourself to die too. If one of you dont die on Valentine's day or if i dont have you two dead then we will come after you and there's gonnna be a war from fallen angels to vampires on Earth. If you kill Gemma and put her in the shack then she's still alive i to you this isn't gonna end well and you also have ten years to make your human mate into a fallen angel. You know how to. Im trusting you this and beware of the head Vampire Good Luck - Rian 

Ten years later i have found my mate but i cant make him into one. I grab his notebook and wrote in it. This might explain everything i told myself he might know now but will be soon. My deadline is in a few months i love him and im ready but i know he's not. I need to have sex with him but he must be in love with me. This is gonna be hard but im going to do it even if it kills me 

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