Hello Readers!

I'm Ynna and this is another One Direction Fanfiction that you might enjoy.

First I want to clear some things up.

The Main Character in this story is named 'Mileena'; It's actually my real name

I used my name because it'll be easier for me to imagine some scenarios and it'll be easier for me to write =)

You can imagine that it's you anyways. 

And 'Mileena' is pronounced as 'Mi-Li-Na'

If your have read my previous story called 'My Crazy Vacation' you probably already know the pronouciation of the name. 

If you read 'Mile' then it's pronouced as Mile as in Mile... like thousand MILEs ;) and it's the nickname.

ok i think that's all for now.

Love lots xx



Chapter 1

"Mileena, wake up !" A familiar voice said.

I opened my eyes and saw a blonde guy shaking me.

"Go away Nialler:" I said. "It's too early"

"No, it's not early, you're late. Robert is already waiting in the studio. You need to move now ! Wake up" He said. ; Robert is they're manager.

Btw, I'm Mileena, i am One Direction's stylist and bestfriend.

I hand out with them ll the time.

I'm 17 years old but i act more mature than them ;)

i guess everyone knows that.

~ i got shocked. 'I'm late omg' i thought to myself. my eyes went wide open and paniced. i pushed Niall and he fell from the bed. 

"Aw!" He said.

"Sorry" i said as i quickly got in the bathroom.

i took off my clothes, then i realized.... I forgot to get a towel from the cabinet.

"Niaaallll!" I shouted.

"What?! don't shout I'm just in your room." 

"Can you get a towel in that black cabinet?"


Then after a couple of second, I hear the door knob turning and the door is about to open.

"Noooo! Niall ! don't enter, you pervert !" I said.

"Then what am i supposed to do with the towel. I'm just gonna give it to you" He explained. "and i'm not a pervert. Harry is"

"Heeey. I'm not that pervyy" I heard Harry. I think he just entered my room.

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