"All right class." Mr Logan said, gaining everyone is the rooms attention, my eyes drifted over to his lovely face.
He was wearing a suit, I felt my body go warm as I slithered my gaze down his body, taking in every inch of him, licking my lips slightly, I struggled to get a grip of my thoughts.
As I looked back towards his face, I saw that his stare was on me, his face serious, but behind his eyes, there was a hint of humor.
He had caught me soaking up the sight of him...Oh excellent. My mind said sarcastically.

The whole class, was getting out of their chairs and talking...woah! Had I missed something he had said? I walked over to a group of girls I knew "hey, um what are we all doing? I kind of zoned out." I laughed awkwardly, a girl called Danielle smiled at me sweetly "We have to get into pairs to do some sort of silly slideshow about Mitosis" she said, then looked arund the room. "Um, I guess, you'll have to do it alone, doesn't look like there is anyone left." I glanced around the room, realizing she was right.
"Oh well, I guess" I said, sighing.
She looked a little guilty "You could work in a three with us, if you want? I'll go ask Mr Logan if we can." she smiled proudly, as if solving world peace.
Walking over to Mr Logan behind Danielle, he stood cleaning his chalkboard, he didn't notice us standing behind him.
"Sir?" Danielle said in a questioning tone.
He turned round, with a small smile etched on his features, I looked down at my hands, inspecting them closely.
"Yes, Danielle?" he asked.
I peeked up at Danielle, and saw her cheeks were tinged a light pink, so it wasn't just me he affected in that way then.
"Would it be okay for me, Lois and Amelia to work in a three?" her now timid voice asked.
He was quiet for a second "Hm, Well she could always just work alone, and use my computer. I think that would be more suitable that a bunch of you all gathered round one laptop." he said, with a tone I didn't quite put my finger on.
Finally looking up at him, I saw he was look at me questioningly, his eyes filled with a amusement.
Why do you find me so funny?
"Sure, I can do that." I said, a little bitter.
He nodded pleased, gesturing to his computer, on his desk.
Danielle smiled at me apolgetically, but to be honest, I was fine working alone, I could get the work done a lot faster, without people gossiping to me about silly little things.
I sat down and logged on, and waited for it to slowly load up, resting back against my chair, drumming my fingers against his wooden desk.

"Poor little Amelia, got no one to pair with." Mr Logan said, sitting on the edge of his desk.
He better not be teasing me. And wait a second he just called me Amelia!
I glared up at him, but he was grinning at me with a big bright toothy smile, my heat skipped about 20 beats.
"Well, I would have had a group to work with, but no you felt it would be better for me to work as a loner. Thanks" I said, looking back to my now loaded screen.
"Well, maybe I just wanted you sat closer to me." he said with a wink.
Oh lord, what is he doing to me?!
He looked at me for a long moment, theN looked out onto the rest of the class as if checking for something, I ignored him...or at least tried to.
Tapping away on the keyboard, I began working, but I could feel his eyes still on me, and I just couldn't seem to pay attention.
Looking back up to him, I saw he had got slightly closer to me, I smiled at him lightly "Anything I can help you with sir?" I said, teasing him right back.
His eyes lit up, as if he was loving my attitude.
Leaning a little closer to me, his eyes traced over my face, darting too and from my eyes to my lips.
I bited my bottom lip instinctively, I could almost feel my own pupils dilate while staring into his.
Reaching out his hand, he gripped my bottom lip between his thumb and forefinger, pulling it lightly out of my bite.
I inhaled sharply and he narrowed his eyes like a predator, watching its prey from afar, he opened him mouth and sunk a little closer to me.
Unaware of the classroom of students around me now, I leaned closer to him, lifting my chin slightly.
He smiled a devil smile, that could suck in any innocent soul, my breathing was a little rampant now.
"Suppose, I kissed you, right here. Right now" he whispered, his hot breath washing over my skin, I wanted to drag him to me now, and maul him with kisses.
His jaw tightened, as his hand went into my hair "Answer me. What if i kissed you?" He said his voice filled with want and urgency.
"I-I-um...Maybe you should try it and find out, just what would happen." I said smirking at him, trying a act a lot more confident than I actually felt right now.
He didn't smile, he just stared at me, then slowly leaned in. So close to me, I could feel his shallow breathing, resting on my lips. His eyes never leaving mine as he finally closed the gap between us and...BANG!

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