Recap of last chapter.

AT THE RECEPTION. ( By the way, its about 10 o'clock. They had a late wedding.)

"I would like to make a speech." Louis said as he was tapping lightly on his wine glass. "Harry is my best mate And I couldn't be happier for him. The day we met in the toilets I knew he would make it far. Little did I know, I would too. As well as Liam, Niall and Zayn. Congratulations Harry and Paige."

Louis speech touched everyone. Especially Harry. But as soon as Marissa stood up to say her speech. A new plan came into play.

"HARRY." Paige screamed gripping his tux.  

"Paige. What's wrong?!" 


Okay, so now, here's chapter 27. Oh, and this skips POV's alot while Paige is in birth. (:

Paige POV 

Harry picked up up bridal style, (haha get it? No? okay..) And carried me to the car. Liam got in the driver seat and Marissa got in the passenger seat, and off to the hospital we went.

When we arrived at the hospital about 15 minutes later,  Harry carried me in and Liam grabbed a wheel chair, while getting weird looks from people, and Harry set me in the wheel chair. 

"My wife's water just broke." Harry said in a panic.

"Okay sir, hold on one minute." The receptionist said.  About a minute later she was pushing me into a room, and from there I was put into a hospital gown, and they gave me the medication. I was about to have my babies. I look up at Harry and smiled.

"I love you." I said.

"I love you too babe."

Liam POV

  Paige was having her babies. Wow.And  maybe even on their wedding day, well, I take that back. Its already 1 am. We've been here for about 2 hours. Im so happy for them, I mean, their gonna be great parents. I cant wait t meet the babies.

Louis POV

We've been in the hospital for about 2 hours now. Everyone is pretty much half asleep. Marissa is curled up against Liam. Same with Sam and Niall. And Me? Well, Im cuddled up to Zayn. 

I looked up and saw Harry infront of me. He looks so tired. I jumped up and ran over to him.

"Hey, mate. Any kids yet?" I asked. Liam gave me a weird look but I shrugged it off. 

"Not yet. She's not fully dilated yet. The doctor thinks it will be a few more hours."

"You look tired Harry, why dont you take a nap, and we'll wake you up if something starts to happen." Liam said.

"No, guys. Im okay. But thanks." He smiled and walked back into the room. I hope the babies are okay.

 Sam POV 

Im sitting in a chair, cuddled up to Niall, while were all waiting for Paige to give birth to the twins. 

Harry came out and said that she wasnt fully dilated yet. I remember when my water broke, it took 3 hours to give birth, but I did it. 

I cant wait for the twins. 



Nobody POV 

 After waiting for 7 hours Paige gave birth to her twins. Everyone came into the room after the babies were born to see them. 

Louis was so excited to find out what they named them. They all new that the girl's name would be Darcy, but hey didnt know the boys name, or their whole names. 

Paige POV 

Harry and I decided to name the kids, Darcy Paige Styles and Louis Thomas Styles. Yes were naming the boy after Louis, but were gonna tell him that we didnt. The doctor knows the names already, and he knows that were tricking everyone about the boys name. 

"Can I hold him!" Louis yelled. 

"Shh, and yes. You can hold Derrick." I said. Louis took him from me, but he didnt look to happy about the name.

"You named him derrick?"

"Yes, we wanted a D and D thing, ya know?"

"Yeah.." He doesnt sound too happy about the names.

"So what are their full names?" Liam asked

"Well, the girl, Darcy Paige Styles, and the boy, Louis Thomas Styles." Louis' eyes widened.

"You named him after me?!?"

"Yes, Louis. "

"But you said that-"

"We know."

"Rude" He said sticking his tongue out at us. 

"You know you love us."


We all sat in the hospital room for about an hour talking about anything really, until everyone left. Harry fell asleep on the couch, and Darcy and Louis were taken to the nursery. I was still awake, looking at the twins' birth certificates.

Louis Thomas Styles. Born April 5th at 4:29 am. 7 lbs 1 oz. 17 inches. 

Darcy Paige Styles. Born April 5th at  5:02 am. 6 lbs 8 oz.  13 inches.

Im so happy to be a mother. And Im so happy that Harry's the father. 

Louis is glad that the boy was named after him. 

Now, I just have to wait to be discharged from the hospital, and then we can all go home.

Aww. Paige had the twins. And Louis got what he wanted. The boy was named after him. (:

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