Is she really dead?

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   So theres this girl named Lisa, she was 17 when she was killed an never heard from again. No one in her hometown of Tilton Illinois knows what happend to her, until today....


I can't believe my bestfriend is dead ! Im really gonna miss her I wish I could've done something to help her, but I wasnt there when she really needed me, I feel so horrible! The wierd part is no one really knows how she died. People are saying there were two slits in her neck an nothing else when they found her body deep in the woods. The other creepy part about this is that two days later after they recovered her body it went missing from the morgue. Who in their right mind would steal a dead body or was it really stolen?

Police officer's P.O.V

We were looking in the nearby woods when I heard something move in this cave like hole, so I decided to go see what it was an thats where I found her body. It was all covered in blood, but the blood only seemed to becoming from the two small slits in her neck. While I was trying to get backup to help me with her I heard something run about 10 feet away from me an then I saw a dark figure jump into a tree an then was staring at me. It was dark out, but I could've swore this was a human figure, I went after it but unfortunatly it got away. After we recovered her body the next morning we came back to see if we could see anything, we found several footprints but thats all. Whatever this was it was half human thats for sure.

Approximately two days later her body went missing from the morgue, what happened we don't know but we sure plan to find out!

Chapter 1 is short I know but the 2nd chapter will be longer I promise!:))

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