Chapter 5

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For this chapter, you may have to use Google Translate, unless you speak Spanish, French, and Irish.

-Louis' POV-

    "LOUIS, HURRY UP. WE'RE GOING TO STELLA'S." Niall yelled from downstairs. I immediately ran downstairs.

    "How's my hair?" I asked the boys.

    "Perfect, now hurry up. Stell promised to make me food." Niall said. Typical Niall. We joined the other boys in the car. When we pulled up to Stella and Jenna's flat, Niall ran out of the car and in the front door. We walked in and heard them having a conversation in Spanish.

    "Oye, Stella. ¿Dónde está la comida que se le prometió?" Niall spoke fast. I was surprised that Stella knew Spanish.

    "En la cocina, descarado muchacho irlandés. Los chicos probablemente se preguntará qué coño estamos diciendo!" She responded quickly as he darted into the kitchen.

    "You speak Spanish?" I asked.

    "Yup. I also speak French, Irish, and Italian." she responded with a smile.

    "Aw, en essayant d'impressionner notre plaisantin peu?" Harry said in fluent French.

    "Tais-toi. Ne pas être une chienne, Haz." She responded. I had no fucking clue what she just said, but it sounded so beautiful.

    "Je t'aime, Stell." Harry responded as he shoveled a forkful of lasgana in his mouth.

    "Je t'aime aussi, Hazza." She grinned.

    "SPEAK IN ENGLISSSSH." Zayn shouted.

    "Seriously. I can't understand a fucking word you're saying." I replied as I fixed myself a bowl of lasagna.

    "Me either." Liam admitted before taking a drink of his water.


-Stella's POV-

    "An bhfuil tú ag dul a iarraidh Louis amach, nó a bhfuil tú ag dul chun fanacht dó a dhéanamh an t-aistriú ar dtús?" Niall asked me in Irish.

    "Bhuel, shíl mé i gcónaí go raibh sé níos mó rómánsúil má d'iarr an Guy, ach is dóigh liom le Louis, tá sé níos fearr má iarr mé." I responded.

    "I have no motherfucking clue what you just said, but I heard my name." Louis narrowed his eyes suspiciously as he looked at me and Niall. I grinned. I was extremely happy that he didn't know what we just said.

    "Oh, we just said how amazing you are, and how we were so excited that you are our friend." Niall lied. He tried his best to keep a poker-face, but it was pointless. He started laughing, and I joined in.

    "Don't you have something to ask Louis?" Niall interrupted my laughter. Lou and the other boys looked at us in confusion, but I nodded.

    "Lou.." I said as we walked over to the corner of the room. "I...I like y-" He interrupted me by leaning in to kiss me. He pulled away as soon as the boys started cheering.

    "I like you too. A lot." He grinned at me before leaning in to kiss me again.

    "Hey, Stel-AAAH, MY EYES. I'M BLIND." Harry yelled dramatically as he covered his eyes and got down on his knees.

    "You'll survive, Curly." Louis looked at him as if Harry always acted like this.

    "So, you're a couple now?" Niall asked; his face lit up with excitement. I looked up at Louis, waiting for an answer.

    "Stella Marie Parker, will you be my girlfriend?" Lou asked me. God, why did he have to be so perfect?

    "I would love to be your girlfriend..if you're willing to put up with my weirdness, that is." The boys and I laughed. Somehow I knew, that I would never forget this day. Not because I was hanging out with One Direction, but because I was in a relationship with the most perfect boy in the world.

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