Crazy Meetings

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The band only played two original songs and covered a few other songs but from the first note to the very last I knew that I loved the band, the lyrics spoke to me in a way that I have never heard before meaningful but sad. Josh had a voice that knew sorrow and pain but also happiness and you could tell that all of their music was from the heart each of them were great on stage making people laugh, their presence on the stage was huge. I desperately wanted to meet them to ask about the lyrics and just the band in general. But I had to wait at the end of a short line to meet them. The lyrics to their song fix me were stuck in my head it was such a beautiful song and I could really relate to the lyrics in one way or another. Out of boredom I started singing Fix me quietly to myself and got lost in the lyrics until someone tapped me on the shoulder "you've got a beautiful voice" they said I  turned around quickly Josh had said that to me, it was a huge compliment considering his voice was amazing. Josh then interrupted my happiness "as nice as your voice is its kind of time for you to leave" he said  "oh i m sorry I guess I got lost in your lyrics while waiting to meet you"I said slightly embarrassed "so you liked the song then?" he said smugly "It was fantastic" I said quite loudly "how did you even come up with that?, did you write the lyrics yourself?" I said a little to excited. He chuckled "I  did write all of the lyrics,guess I'm just a natural at it" "well if you keep writing lyrics like that you could do well for yourself".  Out of the corner if my eye I saw the guys loading their equipment up, "hey" I said shyly "do you guys need some help cleaning up? I have nothing better to do and it looks like you guys don't want to be here all night anyways I'm kind of bored" I rambled on "well if you really want to hang out with some insanely boring people and help take down a "stage" I guess you can help us out"   I chuckled "you really don't seem like the boring type with that crazy blue hair you have going on there" Well I might not seem like the boring type at all but i'am more boring than a banana wearing a hat, and my hair isn't crazy its luxurious", I laugh loudly first of all that sounds very interesting",I continued with my laughter and then said "and secondly in what world is you hair "luxurious"...' I air quoted. he gave me a playful look then said "If you didn't already know my name is josh" he said in a regal voice then shook my hand I'm Avery" I said in a equally regal voice we proceeded to burst out laughing while we walked over to where the boys were loading their equipment up. "why don't I formally introduce you, "this is Matt" he pointed to a guy who was just a bit shorter than josh and had slightly wave brown hair. "Hes the awkward one stay away from him hes pretty scary" Josh whispered in my ear loud enough for Matt to hear, "hey,I heard that!" he yelled "I'm not that awkward... Just because I like weird things doesn't mean that I am weird" He yelled. "I never said you were weird Matty.." josh said in a teasing voice, Matt looked at me and said "see hes the weird one calling me Matty" Matt gave Josh a dirty look and then went to go wrap up some cords. We walked towards a guy with curly brown hair and a goatee "this is mike our hallmark card." josh said chuckling "Mike this is Avery" he said pointing to me "Avery this is Mike" he said pointing to the guy. "nice to meet you" Mike said extending his hand for a had shake, "Nice to meet you too" I said as I grabbed his hand. "so Josh how come you never told us you had a girlfriend" mike asked. "oh you think that..." josh interrupted me "well I didn't want you guys to be jealous because I have a hot girlfriend" he said very smugly. I looked at him in shock and then in anger Josh  burst out laughing "I'm just kidding Avery don't look at me like your going to bite my head off" he turned to mike "we just met, she came to our venue and shes got a pretty sick voice" Josh praised I blushed and looked away. "well anyway we are of to find the crazy man, have you seen him anywhere mike?" Josh asked "Nope" he said quickly. We wandered off "Ian,where are you?" Josh called out "I'm right over here". "I think he was hiding from me" Josh told me I chuckled. We walked over to where the drummer with the messy hair was, "Soo.. Who's your lady friend josh?" he asked teasingly "oh' just some prostitute I met on the side of the road" he laughed "I see" Ian laughed. "JOSH!" I yelled "I'm not a prostitute!" "fine" he said sighing "Ian this is Avery" Josh said as I stormed off. Josh ran after me, "anyways I came over here to help out what do you want me to do?" I asked annoyed "can you go put my baby in my car for me?" he asked sweetly. without thinking I picked up his guitar and started walking but forgetting that I needed his keys and to know which car was his I walked back. "Josh! I need your keys" I said "here you go" he said its the  green car, before dropping the keys into my hand he said "your a musician as well as a singer aren't you?" "How did you know?" I questioned "I asked you to put my baby in my car and without hesitation you picked up my guitar most people would be like what the fuck?what baby? but you picked up my guitar without thinking" he explained. When all the instruments were loaded up and everything was clean, I started to walk home, when mike stopped me "hey Avery, since you helped us out why don't you come to dinner with us?" he asked " okay, I guess" I said.  "great we are going to Victoria's diner in half an hour, meet us there?" mike said "sounds good".


So I know I haven't written anything for a long time but I've decided to start writing again, sorry if its awful I'm still pretty new to this. But I hope you like this, if you see any spelling or grammar mistakes or if I messed something else up please let my know. I'm going to be editing this story a lot and changing names and other things from my older chapters so check back with the story often. Thanks<3

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