Chapter Twenty-One: Right and Wrong

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I had only been kissed one other time in my life. It was brief, awkward, and just a little bit sloppy.

Nothing like the way Dean Lachlan was kissing me now. No, this wasn't some clumsy teenage encounter. It was passionate, hot, and sent my heart into a frenzy.

His lips were soft, but his kiss was rough, desperate. It felt like a plea, but for what I wasn't sure.

He skimmed a hand across my cheek, reaching up to gently knot his fingers into my hair. I gasped when he gave my locks a gentle tug, allowing his tongue to slip inside my mouth.

Our tongues caressed each other, our lips moved in sync, as Dean Lachlan lowered me back on the bed. I felt him pull at the sash of my robe, causing it to fall open, then he broke the kiss.

I was confused for a second, wondering why he had stopped, when he lowered his head. My heart stuttered, fear momentarily overriding desire as I thought he was going to feed from me.

Please, not now. I mentally begged. I need time to heal.

Thankfully, he avoided my neck.

Instead, he began trailing his lips along my exposed shoulder, licking and nipping at my flesh as he moved on to my collar bone. With his hand still in my hair, Dean Lachlan ran his other one down my side, gripping my hip bone briefly, fiercely, before traveling further south.

"No, don't." I hastily grabbed his hand just as it was sliding into my panties, eyes wide with alarm.

He looked confused, maybe even a little hurt, so I elaborated, sheepishly. "I'm on my period."

God, I can't believe I forgot about that.

"Oh," he sat up on his knees, his desire sticking out blatantly against his dark slacks. "Apologies, Miss Ridley. I had no idea that would bother you."

"Wait, you knew?" I was almost afraid to ask. "How?"

Now it was his turn to act sheepish. Dean Lachlan rubbed the back of his neck, avoiding my gaze while speaking. "Well, vampires do have a strong sense of smell."

He stopped, sparing me further mortification by confirming a newfound paranoia I wasn't aware I'd had--he could smell my period.

"Oh, God." I felt my cheeks heat up, and put my face in my hands. Then, a thought occured to me. "So, you knew I was on my period, and you were still willing to..." My face felt like it was on fire, a mix of modesty and incredulity fueling the flames.

"Of course, I was willing-- more than willing, actually." He sounded reflective, positive. "I am a vampire, after all; a little blood isn't going to bother me."

I peeked up at him, my mouth agape. How could I possibly respond to that?

"I'm sorry; that was far too crass." He lifted my chin, his index finger lingering for a moment after he closed my mouth. "Forgive me, for that and my presumptive actions. It was wrong of me to just assume--"

Another knock at the door interrupted him, and Dean Lachlan let out an exasperated sigh before getting up to answer it.

Still reeling from mine and the Dean's make-out session, I fumbled with my robe, shakily tying the sash around me. Seconds later, Dean Lachlan closed the door, turning to reveal a small pile of clothes in his arms.

"These are for you." He placed them gently on the bed, offering an apologetic smile. "I have a faculty meeting in half an hour, and as much as it pains me to leave you, I can't afford to miss it." He paused for a moment, leaning down to plant a chaste kiss on my cheek. "Especially after yesterday."

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