I hear my alarm clock going off. 8:34

Maybe yesterday was all just a crazy dream! ya! Me and Garret are still together, Bandit didn't punch Garret's brother, and today I'm going to gradate! I walk into my kitchen to see Bandit cooking eggs and french toast.  Crap... It wasn't a dream... Well... At least I get franch toast... "Yesterday was definitely not a dream..." I mumbled.

"You wish it was a dream, we both do..."

"Why did you punch him?"

She started to laugh and turned around, "The idiot started to make a move on me, you know me, I act before I think.  And if a stranger leaned in to kiss you, you would have done the same."

"Eggs are burning," I teased as Bandit started to curse at herself, "They are just eggs, no big deal."

"Whatever... So you really didn't know? He never told you? Or tried to eat you?"

"No...no and obviously not!"

"Are you still gonna go to your graduation? When is it by the way?"

"Of course. I have been waiting for this day since I bought my first Nikon when I was 14! And its at six tonight... I wonder if our Aunt will be there."

"If she is, she will get an ear full from both of us."  Bandit scoffed. I remember our family reunion, which was and will always be the worst weekend of my life.  "That family reunion was complete misery, I wish I could forget it..." she said sliding the french toast onto the plate.

"You and me both..." I said sipping on a cup of coffee.

"How old is her daughter?"

"Jade? Oh I think she is... 11?"

"I wonder how she is doing..."

We started to talk about our aunt and her daughter.  Then it went to our favorite times when we were kids.  Our relationship couldn't be stronger than it was now.  When we were kids we didn't really understand what it meant to have a friend.  When we were teenagers we would talk about how we would run away or about music.  We were so trusting then and so clueless... I miss those days when we couldn't care less about anything.  But I am glad I am who I am now, because otherwise I would still be singing bible songs my Lola taught me.  "Will Lolo and Lola be there?" I asked staring down at the breakfast she made me.

She hugged me, "They always go to those events, they would never miss something like this."




This morning, me and Carol talked like we were just girls again, talking about our family and how they would put us through complete torcher with their filipino parties and reunions.  The stupid things we would plan to do in our "future" that we would never do.  They were always ideas we would plan when we wanted to run.  Eventually, we wound up doing our own things.  Carol went on to college and I started my anti-aswang army.  Today, she would graduate, so I had to refrain from killing Garret and his little family of demons.  That would embarrass her and possibly get me arrested and I can't get arrested, I have three major bases to take care of, I can't do that while I am trapped in a cement cage. 

"Don't worry Carol, I won't kill anyone."


"Ha ha of course, today is your day. So what do you want to do until six o clock?"

She layed her head on the marble counter, "Sleep..." she said closing her eyes.  I went to the sink and sprayed her with the sink-hose-thingamabobber.  She got up and screamed, "What the hell is wrong with you!?"

"A lot of things, we went through this years ago, Carol.  Now get your ass up! You are going to take me shopping."

"Says who?" She said rolling her eyes.

"My sinky-hose-thingy says so!" I said pointing to the sink.

"You mean MY sinky-hose-thingy?"

I took a sharpie out of my pocket and wrote "Bandit" on the faucet. "Not anymore"

"Why do you- I am not gonna ask..."

I smiled, "Now get your clothes on! Chop chop! I need a new dress for your graduation!"

"We are going to Marshalls," Carol said sticking her tongue out at me.

"Hell no!"

We got ready to go out shopping, I got a couple of extra precautions, the rookie's gun was in my bag and I had two knives (one in my sleeve, another in my boot) and my new iPod in my pocket, I decided to listen to some old music, "I miss the old Escape The Fate..."

"Thank god we had Falling In Reverse," Carol said as we pranced down the stairs.

When we got to a Marshalls I saw a bird following us... Dammit... Those rookies didn't kill that thing... "Carol..." I said trying to sound calm, "Did I tell you what happened yesterday...?"

"Please... If it's about Alex-"

"No! It's not that!" I yelled as we went through the isles of clothing, "Yesterday-"

"Tell me all about it once we get outta here, now try this on! I command you!" She said handing me a black dress.

"But... its kind of important-"

"I command you!"

"You are so stubborn..." I said walking to the dressing rooms.

When I was looking at the dress in the mirror I felt shivers go up my spine and the hairs on my arms stood up... No not here... Why... I changed out of the dress and ran as fast as I could to find Carol with almost five other dresses in heer hands, "Oh hey, I got-" I grabbed her arm and she dropped everything as I dragged her out.  All I was thinking was to get as far as I could from there.  What is chasing us?! And then a black bird landed in front of us and transformed into a little girl.

"Carol!" the little girl screamed.

"Gracie?!" Carol said in shock.

"Carol stay away from her! She is a witch!"

"She is Garret's little sister!" She said rushing to the little girl.

"Gracie, what's wrong?!"

"Its Garret....He is in trouble! We were just taking a walk and he was talking about how he made a big mistake and then three guys grabbed him from the alley and-" She started to sob, "I didn't know what else to do! So I started to look for you!"

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