Trustworthy- Chapter 8

The next morning I was woken up by a really loud crashing noise. I sat up really fast and my head started pounding horribly. I rolled over thinking I was in my bed and ending up hitting my head on the coffee table, beside the couch making my head pound even harder.

When my head stopped hurting some, I stood up and made my way to where I thought the loud crash came from. It led me to Niall's bedroom, everything that happened the night before came flashing back to me.

I kind of hoped Niall would remember so we could discuss what happened. Harry had said that Niall doesn't let girls in easily, even when he is drunk. I hoped Harry was right about that. I also want to discuss Niall's feelings for me, further than we did yesterday before we went to the bar.

I opened the door to Niall's room and saw that he wasn't in there. I walked over to the bathroom door, opened it, and then walked in. Niall was sitting on the countertop next to the sink with his head in his hands. Niall wasn't crying but he looked really upset about something.

"What happened" I ask. Niall jumped, not knowing I was in the bathroom with him, and snapped his head up to look at me.

Just by looking at Niall I knew that he remembered the events of last night. I just didn't know to what extent he remembered.

"I got up to find some Ibroprofen for my fucking headache, but I fell reaching for it." Niall answered me in a not so amused tone.

"Niall you could have asked me to help you, I wasn't as drunk as you were last night."

"I didn't know you were still here." Niall mumbled under his breathe, barely loud enough for me to hear him.

"Why would I leave?" I asked, not actually wanting to hear his answer. I have a feeling we will be talking about last night sooner than I anticipated.

Niall looked up at me shocked. "Don't you remember what happened last night? We..

But I cut him off before he could finish. "Yeah I remember what happened last night. We were both drunk, you slightly more drunk than I was, and we made out. I stopped it from going further than just making out. Then you tripped and fell, you passed out so I managed to get you to your bed and then I slept on the couch. I wanted to stay here to make sure you were ok, not like I could do that much to help." I said all at once, trying my best to leave out major details about the kiss.

I notice that Niall had his head in his hands again. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to take advantage of you like that, I know you said we were both drunk, but I usually don't act like what I assumed you had to deal with last night. I'm usually a happy drunk, not a sexual drunk."

"Niall, it's fine. I'm not blaming you at all. I actually...enjoyed making out with you." I tell Niall as I feel my face heating up.

Niall looked up at me, his cheeks having a rosie tint to them to match mine.

"Niall I'm horrible at this whole talking to attractive boys thing. You would think that growing up being the daughter of an actress would make things easier, but it doesn't. I don't even know what to think of me spending the night.."

This time it was Niall's turn to cut me off. "Carlee, calm down. I'm really not that hard to talk to or get along with for that matter. You're so beautiful and you are more confident and outgoing than most of the fans we meet."

Typical Niall, being sweet and calming me down. He walked behind me and pulls me into a backwards hug. His arms fitting perfectly around my small waste and latching his hands together by the bottom of my stomach. He rest his chin on my shoulder, bending down a little to do so. This felt so right, yet so wrong at the same time.

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