I stepped inside the building and looked down as my feet caught on a sticky substance, blood? An electric feeling shot down my spine and I shuddered. I hoped it wasn't blood, for the sake of all things sane, please be anything but blood. I was urged to move forward and again I felt an electric feeling shoot down my back, but this time it was from the tazer a man behind me was carrying. It wasn't very strong but it was enough to not want to feel it again and I moved forward, ignoring the sticky liquid setting on my paws.

I followed the man in front on me for less than a minute before he stopped; nodded at a man about 20 yards back and that man stuck his head out of the main doorway and blew a whistle. A high pitched scream ripped though my head and I resisted the rising urge to kill the man creating it. I stuck my head between my front legs and squeezed my ears shut with them. It finally stopped and we were walking again and this time, there was not a single interruption, but before departing I saw a light coloured beast crash through the doorway and sprint into an unseen part of the eerie building.

I trotted behind the man in charge and took the time to have a look at what surrounded me. The hallway was very closed off and there were four doors on either side, which I'd counted so far. The doors were similar to that of the front door. They had the same, black, strange, fire-breathing creatures imprinted on them, but no handles. Instead they had huge bolt locks, sliding over the length of the door and attaching to the wall, securing the door and keeping whatever was in there, inside, with no way out.

I cringed at almost every door we passed, which I had counted to be twelve on either side now, and we were nearing the end of the corridor. Out from behind every single door came inhuman screams or crying and I tried ignoring it, but it was impossible and eventually I gave in and let their cries of pain and of insanity fill my head. We reached the end of the corridor and turned right before heading into a highly guarded room, the walls seemed to be lined with men in black clad uniforms, wielding what I knew to be an M4A1. Their faces were half hidden beneath a silver, metal; jaw plate attached to the neck of their uniform and protected their vital spots.

 There were other things in the room apart from the men, loads of machinery and equipment that was completely foreign to me, except for one. In the middle of the room was a metal construct that I recognised from a nightmare I’d had since I was little. Come to think of it, I started having those nightmares around the time Mum and Dad started treating me differently, like I was someone else’s child living with them.

I shook the thoughts from my mind and focussed again on the metal contraption on the centre of the room, the thing of my nightmares. My eyes widened in terror as one of the men motioned for about 5 of the guys in black to put me on the piece of machinery. I fought them off for as long as I could, I struggled and bit at them but eventually my fatigue proved to be my weakness and I gave in, letting them strap me into the cold metal. They pushed down the heavy straps over my front and back legs, my chest, neck and finally my tail. I could feel my tail twitching inside its constraints and I wriggled uncomfortably as a luminous light was turned on above me. I pushed my head slightly to the left as I heard the shifting of wheels. The man who was in charge, whom I’d learned to be “Professor,” had pulled out a cart with all sorts of terrifying objects on it.

He barked at another man who’s name I’d found to be “Duo” and I figured this had something to do with his eyes. I could tell very easily that one of his eyes was a different colour to the other and I couldn’t keep eye contact with him for more than a second before a shudder crept up my spine. He jogged out from the wall and saluted Professor with the hand not carrying his assault rifle. I saw him nod as he was given orders and he handed his gun to the man with the tazer, “Arch” who I finally got a good look at. He was a mousy man, with a hunched back and he seemed perpetually looking around him, like he was paranoid of everyone in the room. Duo approached me and I took him to be the captain of the black clad men as he had a red stripe down the left of his chest armour, that none of the other squad had. He came up to the metal construct I was so helplessly sitting in and pulled a scalpel from the table of torture object and dug it into my neck.  

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