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Alanna's POV

My eyelids felt heavy as I peeled them open. Last night, the boys had said their goodbyes before they left for their concert. Zayn had pecked me on the cheek before leaving, leaving a tingling sensation on my right cheekbone. "Alanna, it's time to go." Doctor Nielson and Doctor Skeemer stood in the doorway. I ripped the wig off my head and stood up. Slowly, I stumbled sleepily towards them and lowered myself into the wheelchair Doctor Skeemer was steering. The doctor wheeled me down the halls and towards the operating room, Doctor Nielson following close behind. As soon as we entered the OR I was being prodded with needles and laying on the hospital bed. Doctor Skeemer placed a breathing mask over my mouth, and I felt my eyes droop. Of course, knock me out as soon as I get there. Reluctantly, my eyes closed and everything blacked out. 


Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. The beeping wouldn't stop. My throat was dry and my head was pounding.  A small, agonizing groan escaped my lips. I recognized Nurse Carter's voice as soon as she spoke. "Alanna, darling. I need you to take these painkillers for me." My eyes peeled open and I opened my mouth wide. The nurse before me plopped a pill onto my tongue and helped me sip my water. After she placed the cup of water on the side table, she passed me a small slip of paper before leaving the room. 

The paper had Zayn's messy writing all over it, words scribbled across the lines. 


Nurse Carter told me the surgery went really well, so that means I have a surprise for you! Be ready at six o'clock tonight, something will be waiting for you at the entrance in the east wing. Make sure you are there on time, if not, you won't be able to get the surprise! I recommend either sleeping all day, or getting out of the hospital room as much as you can. I miss you already. BE THERE AT SIX. 

Zayn Xx

I smiled at the words in front of me. Carefully, I climbed out of bed and went to find Nurse Carter. My headache was already just a small stinging in the back of my head. I walked over to the bathroom. After taking a quick shower, brushing my face -- being careful with the stitches that were where my hairline should've been-- and my teeth. Wrapped in just a robe, I entered the hospital room to find a set of clothes on the bed for me. Not thinking about it, I threw on the clothes and strolled out of the room. My feet carried me down the hall. Nurse Carter waved me over to her desk -- I was now in the reception area-- and I sauntered over to greet her.

"You've got a busy day ahead of you." She stated, not even bothering to greet me. I have her a confused look. "You have a follow-up in twenty minutes, then there is a big luncheon in the cafeteria for all patients in area 2 of the hospital. That means you're not having mush for lunch!" She joked before continuing. "After that, you have free time until four, but I'd suggest staying out your room. There are going to be people in there making sure that all the electronics, plumbing and lighting is working. You then are able to go into your room, but dinner will be ready for you by then. You have to get ready for the surprise at five thirty." Taking a deep breath, she finished. "That's all." 

My eyes were wide and my mouth hung open. "I should go to my follow-up, then..." I muttered before turning on my heel and walking towards the west wing, where Doctor Skeemer would be doing my follow-up. "Hey, doctor." I smiled as I entered his office.

"Hi, Alanna. How are you feeling?" Skeemer's voice was kind, calm and friendly. It had the sort of fatherly tone that I never heard as I grew up. You see, my father was killed in Iraq when I was only four years old. Three bullets had gone through him. I was proud of my father, even though I barely knew him.  The pictures I had seen of him showed that I looked a lot like him. To a certain extent, I wish he was here with me, holding my hand. My mom works so often, I hardly see her. In fact, she's currently in Sacremento on a big business trip. When I was growing up, I was closer to my babysitter than I was her, but I understand completely. Taking care of a child is tough enough when your single, but a sick, dying child? She'd told me so many times that she wished she was here with me, but that she needed the money to pay for hospital bills. Poppy talked to me more often than my own mother. Sad, right? 

I shook my head, clearing my thoughts. "I'm fine. I had a headache when I first woke up, but I feel normal now. A bit overwhelmed, though." A sigh escaped my lips.

"Oh?" Doctor Skeemer raised his brows at me.

"Nurse Carter just told me my schedule for the day, it's riduculous. I'm busy for the entire morning, and I'm not allowed in my room for the two hours that I'm available!" My voice was dramatic. I snorted while the doctor chuckled at me. 

"Let's get down to business, then."


Bored, I stumbled out of the cafeteria. It was currently two o'clock. For the next two hours, I'd be wandering the hospital hallways, void of anything to do. The luncheon dragged on forever. All I did was sit and eat my food in complete silence; nobody bothering to speak to me. To be honest, I was glad I got out of that dreaded room filled to the brim with sick teenagers and children. According to Doctor Skeemer, my tumor was totally gone and I was pretty healthy now. This news, of course, made me jump for joy. I didn't even realize I had walked to the teen lounge until I was trampled to the ground, somebody landing on top of me. I hadn't been in the teen lounge for a month, and so I forgot to be cautious when entering. Kids ran around the room all the time, feeling free.

 "Oh crap, sorry!" A male voice sounded as the person climbed off of me. A boy that looked around fifteen stood before me, lending out a hand to help me up. He had blond, messy hair and  light, blue eyes. His eyes sort of reminded me of Niall's. His accent was American, so he obviously wasn't from around here. Faint freckles dotted his nose. My hand lifted and grabbed his. The boy pulled me up effortlessly while looking deep into my eyes. "I'm Luke." He smiled at me. His teeth were perfectly straight, and a pearly white. 

A small smile settled upon my lips. "Alanna." I stated, shaking his hand. "Are you a patient here?" curiosity took hold of me. 

"No, I'm Nurse Carter's son. Are you a patient?" He repeated my question. Wait... Carter had kids? She'd never mentioned having a son, but I'd known she was married.

"Yeah, I'm Nurse Carter's favourite patient!" I smirked. "She never told me she had a son." 

He laughed. "Of course she did." We continued our conversation, sitting on the couch for hours. Suddenly, my phone buzzed. The text read, Be ready in a half hour. - Zayn Xx. 

"OH SHOOT." I shot up from my seat and sprinted out of the room

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