Forever Young (Larry)

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Zayn and Louis have been best friends since kindergarten. Zayn always felt like he had to protect Louis. Ever since Louis came out that he was gay Zayn seemed to be protecting him ever more. No one seemed to have a problem with it, but Zayn still worried. Louis and Zayn practically ran the school. Girls were constantly over Zayn and Louis. Louis would laugh at the girls who tried to get him, but he also found it flattering at the same time. Zayn enjoyed the female attention, but he was always searching for that one girl to catch his eye and capture his heart. He was getting quite tired of waiting. Zayn and Louis were sitting at the lunch table. Louis was laughing at a joke when he felt a cool liquid fall across his head. He turned to see a curly haired boy with stunning green eyes laughing at him. Zayn jumped up and knocked the milk out of his hand. “What the hell dude?” Zayn yelled

“Oh, so you are protecting this fag? What are you, his butt buddy?” the curly haired boy said. Louis turned to face him. He practically melted at the sight of the boys face. His green eyes sparkled in the faint light of the cafeteria. The smirk he was using showed a dimple. He was flawless and perfect. The boy looked into Louis’ eyes and kept contact for a few second. Louis felt his heart beat faster.

“I advise you start walking now.” Zayns’ voice was deep. Harry stepped forward towards Zayn. “You are making a mistake. Really boy? Who do you think is going to win?”

“Harry stop!” Another boy said behind him. He had short brown hair and deep brown eyes. Where have these boys been hiding?

“Seriously Harry, back up. He is bigger than you.” As if there couldn’t be any more a short blond boy stepped up. He had a thick Irish accent and stunning blue eyes.

“No.” The boy they called Harry said. “This fag deserved the milk poured on his head.” His voice was low and very deep. He took another step towards Zayn before Zayn smashed his fist into his face. Louis jumped up and grabbed Zayn.

“Please stop.” Louis’ eyes were pleading. Zayn could see the pain in his best friends eyes. Zayn stepped back from Harry and smirked at the sight of him holding his face in his hands.

“Watch your step next time.” Zayn mocked

“Screw you! This isn’t over!” Harry walked away with the other two boys. Zayn sit back down next to Louis.

“Zayn Malik!” A feminine voice yelled from behind him. “Are you stupid? Seriously the principal told you to stop getting in fights then you go and punch some kid in the face! I’m not going to be shocked if you get expelled!”

Zayn laughed and turned to face the girl. “Hello Rhyanna.”

“Why are you laughing?” She asked

“I’m not going to get expelled. Calm down. I hit him because he was making fun of Louis.” Rhyanna looked at Louis who hadn’t looked up from his tray. Zayn placed his hand on Louis’ shoulder. “You okay Lou?”

“Uhm yeah. I’ll be right back.” Louis cleared his throat and stood up and walked outside. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed the number.


“Kalandra, Are you busy?” Louis’ voice was soft

“No, what’s going on?”

“He is beautiful and perfect and this is dumb I shouldn’t have called. I’m sorry.”

“Louis, it’s not dumb. Come over after school and we will talk. I have to get back to class. Love you Boobear.”

“Love you too.” Louis hung up to phone and tried to clear his head. He walked back into the cafeteria and spotted the blond Irish boy with his arm around a girl, same with the brown haired boy. Then his eyes ran over the curly haired boy with the green eyes and the beautiful face. He was surrounded by girls. The boy caught Louis staring at him. He expected something, but he just stared back. His bright green eyes pierced into Louis’. Louis turned and started to walk back over to Zayn and Rhyanna.

“You sure you are okay?” Zayn asked

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Louis gave him a smile and sat down next to him. “Don’t worry about it. I’m use to that name anyway.”

“Doesn’t change anything Louis. He shouldn’t have said it. It is rude and offensive.” Zayn stated

“I’m fine Zayn, I swear. I’m gonna go to class. I have an assignment that I need to finish.” Louis smiled at them and walked to his locker. He grabbed a brush and went to wash the milk out of his hair. He turned the faucet on and put his head under it. He heard the door open and his eyes got wide.

“Here, let me help you.” The voice was Irish. Was it the blond boy? “I’m so sorry. I don’t know why he did what he did. He must-“

“Niall! What in the hell do you think you are doing?” It was that voice. The voice that rang through his head. It was the beautiful voice of the beautiful boy. “Get away from him! You don’t want to catch his disease.

“Harry, stop. There is nothing wrong with the way he is.” Niall whispered. Louis brought his head up from the sink and started to dry his hair. His eyes met with Harry’s and Louis got light headed.

“There is something wrong with the way he is. It’s not natural Niall. Men don’t belong with men.” Harry said sternly then walked out of the bathroom. Niall gave Louis a sorry look and followed Harry. After to door shut Louis sank to the floor. How could he find him so beautiful when he was such a jerk. He hid his hands in his face and started to cry. Louis liked a boy who found him repulsive. Louis shut his eyes and he started to imagine kissing his lips.

“No Louis stop.” He said to himself. Harrys’ words echoed through his head. What was so wrong with gay people? Louis stood up and brushed his hair. He grabbed his backpack and walked to class. He sat down when he spotted the chocolate brown curls. “You have got to be kidding me.” He whispered to himself.

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