Chapter 10

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Marla shook her head. the cops were really pissing her off. decimus looked just as perturbed as his mother, ''And you're positive they're not runaways?'' this was about the cops 5th time asking that. ''No!'' Marla wailed, decimus fumed silently, he didn't say anything yet. ''They're not runaway's for the last time! their rooms are exactly the same way they were when the turned up missing, there are no clothes missing, their phones are still here- My daughter Never leaves without her cell phone.'' the cop dismissed it and turned to decimus. ''your sister or cousin ever have troubles at home?'' he asked. decimus shook his head in a sarcastic way. ''uh no! didnt you just hear my mom?'' he asked. ''my sister was top of the charts. straight A student a bit of a clean freak and kind, and my cousin was well, a normal teenage girl.

they wouldn't just up and ran away. and plus. my sister's bed was unmade. she never does that.'' the cop asked. decimus shook his head again. ''i saw what happened that night.'' he finally admitted. marla put her hand on her son's shoulder. ''what do you mean what did you see?!'' she asked frantically. decimus took a deep breath, ''I heard noises and i was up playing with my Dsi. i thought it was just ora and she came to check on me. she seemed a little off like she was sleep walking, then she went to siti's room and i got up and followed her. siti was already passed out and there were four people in there two were holding siti and a man and a woman grabbed ora. she called the woman 'sif' like in the Norse books she has.'' decimus said.

Marla thought about what her son was saying, that man in her shop. that strange book he just came out of nowhere that asgardian band no one made those! unless you got a plastic one with an avengers set at Walmart. but this was real, ''Then what.'' Marla pushed. ''i passed out and woke up to you screaming and running through the house.'' he said. Marla through her arms over her son's shoulder. ''You know it's not your fault.'' she said. ''i could have screamed yelled, something.'' he said. the cop pulled out a pen and a piece of paper and called over a sketch artist, ''Do you remember what they looked like?'' he asked decimus nodded, Marla sat back and blocked everything out. she had an idea of who took her daughter, whether she believed herself was the problem, she wasn't sure is she believed any of this. it sounded unreal. her daughter,kidnapped and taken to Asgard. what rubbish how fairy tale! but, she believed it.

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