As she left for the first time, since an hour ago we came here, I took time to absorb the room we were in. It was a very cluttered and cramped which made it very welcoming and calming. The wall was a very earthy brown. The furniture was very old school, with its fabric, plushy couches. There was also a large grandfather clock in the corner ticking in a steady beat that can easily hypnotize you in a lazy spell. The windows were decorated in a very floral lacy type of cloth going well with the walls. There were two side tables, each very vintage with lots of carved details. This was all very fascinating but what interested me the most were the pictures on top of the tables. They were black and white and were bordered by solid black frames.

One was a picture of a large group of people each looking quite happy with each other. Another was of a couple looking into each other’s eyes as if eyeing treasure worth millions. Then there was the last one of middle aged women with deep wrinkles around her eyes as she gave a smile to the camera. All of a sudden I could have sworn I saw the women in the picture blink. It scared me but then made me curious to see if it would happen again. This time, it was more noticeable as I peered into the picture of the group of people. I picked up the picture and sat in the corner of the couch, I observed the picture very prudently explored the each and every movement of the individuals stored in the picture. I wanted to wait until Jason’s aunt came in before I told the others, just so Jason’s aunt could explain to us if I had truly gone bonkers. On the other hand, if I told the others now, we could have some time discuss what we had just found out, and my discovery as well. I went with the second choice, of telling the others what I witnessed.

“OK guys. I just figured out something completely weird. Jason, look into the snapshot and describe to me exactly what you see. Don’t worry if you think you’ve gone completely mad.” Jason and Anny both looked at each other questioningly.

“I think he’s truly lost it this time” Anny whispered to Jason, in a failed attempt to not let me hear.

“I heard that Anny” Anny looked away blushing. “Trust me at first I did think that I had gone mental, but once you see it for yourself you’ll understand what I’m barking about. Now stop staring at me like I’m some idiot, and look into the photograph.”

“Well you do sound like an idiot” Jason muttered. Anny let out a chuckle. Ignoring the remark shoved the portrait into the awaiting hands of Jason’s. He fumbled with the picture. Jason and Anny both peered into the picture. Anny let out a penetrating shrill. Jason dropped plummeted to the ground, sending sharp shards of glass in every which direction. In turn a thunderous clash of metal shook the whole house. Undoubtedly these people have not heard of quiet reactions. In a flash Jason’s aunt came hurriedly into the living room. One look at her sent all of us bursting out in laughter. Jason starting snort, Anny turned a bright pink, and I fell off the sofa rolling on the floor. The three of us had our arms tightly wrapped around each other trying to hold ourselves together. Jason’s aunt just looked so disoriented. With tea all over her clothes and the pot in which the tea was boiling somehow finding itself on her head, she just looked absolutely hilarious. Moreover the look of shock on her face was just priceless. Who knows what had happened in there. Just thinking about it got me started again.

“Well clearly no one’s hurt, and what in the name if Nelly are y’all laughing at. The neighbours are probably thinking I’ve turned into a witch in the middle of some kind of dark magic. My god the loud voices y’all have inserted into you guys. I pity your parents.” She said with a sigh. “And what is this mess on the floor?” We all glanced around the room. I was quite a mess. With glass everywhere, the blanket on the sofa lying sprawled on the floor beside where I was laughing, and the pillows also ended up at the other side of the room.

“Oh we’re deeply sorry Jason’s aunt. We’ll definitely clean this mess up.” Anny said apologetically.

“Right after you explains to us why we can see the people in the pictures moving.” I interjected.

“Oh that…I was going to explain everything over tea and biscuits but I guess that won’t be happening.” She took a seat on the armchair in front of the window. By now it had been about 2 hours since we had been here. “OK. So say I’ve told y’all that the three of you were destined to defeat a very power being; ‘The Evil One’. I have also told you that there are three object that when put together equal to the power that ‘The Evil One’ has. Moreover that these three objects have been hidden inside three painting each guarded with obstacles inserted by ‘The Evil One’ himself. I’m not going to give you more information on these obstacles. I’m sure if I mentioned this or not, but each painting has been in a different time zone. The first one is painted in the Medieval Times. I must remind you that even though I am ‘The Evil One’s’ most trusted, and he has told me much, my knowledge is still limited.” We were all sitting at the edge of our seats. It was as if we were young children in a library listening to a volunteer reading aloud a tale, except this is real.

“From what I know, the object in the first painting is guarded by a very cruel and merciless king. His peasants are treated with injustice. Out of the three of you one is meant to overthrow the king. You will findd out whom from a riddle that you must seek. This riddle you must solve, as it will tell you where this object is hidden, what it is, and whose job it is to get rid of the king. Who’s ever job it becomes to overthrow the king, will become the king once the current king is defeated. That is what I know of the first painting.”

 “What about the other two paintings?” I asked.

“One problem at a time Lance” Well that’s a little irritating. At least I’ll have less to worry about. What really puzzled me was how we were to get into the paintings, and why we could see the pictures come to life? Jason’s aunt answered my thoughts as if she were reading them which struck me as a little creepy. What if she read all the not so nice thoughts regarding her? I gulped at the thought.

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