The next morning when I woke up I swear I could have fallen back to sleep for the rest of the day. I opened one eye to see what the time was. 11:30 a.m. I threw my blankets off and squirmed out of bed as quickly as possible. I didn't want to miss a single second of today.

"Thanks mum." I called out as I left the car.

"Call me when your done." Mum said.

"Will do." I replied. Mum had just dropped me off at the shops and I was walking over to the food court. I eventually made it and found my friends sitting at a table of five.

"Hey guys!" I greeted them with.

"Hey." They replied.

"Do youse mind moving tables? You see cause some other people are coming and we won't have enough room."

"Aw but we just sat down!" One of my friends named Taylah complained sarcastically.

"Guys very important people are coming so lets move it." As soon as I said this they started to move to a bigger table a few metres away.

"Aw Emily is Reece coming?" Shannen asked.

"Uh yeah. You guys don't mind do you? Its just I wanted to see him because he's leaving on Thursday but I didn't want to blow you guys off either."

"No of course we don’t mind silly." Tessa said.

"What? When you say Reece you don't mean Reece Mastin do you?" Taylah asked.

"Ssh don't say it too loud, it’s a private relationship which means that this has to stay in the vault, ok? Oh right, I didn’t tell you. You see I kind of met Reece on Sunday and well now we're going out."

"OMG are you serious?" Taylah asked.

"Yeah I am." I smiled back. "And I'm sorry I didn't text you last night Tessa. I got home too late so yeah I just thought I would tell you now."

"So, what happened?" Tessa asked back getting just a little bit too excited.

"Well he took me to the beach and we just played around in the ocean having water fights and stuff and then we went back to his hotel and we had dinner and then watched Titanic and then yeah."

"Aw that’s so sweet. So did anything happen while watching Titanic? Like did youse like make out the whole time?" Tessa smiled back cheekily.

"Um no. I guess we did kind of snuggle up to each other though." I instantly blushed as soon as I said this.

"Aw that is so sweet. Did youse kiss?" Tessa replied.

"Uh maybe..." We all laughed. It felt so good to tell my friends everything. They were so supportive and didn't make things awkward. "Lets just say it was a very good first date." I said and we laughed. "There was something else I had to tell you guys. Um. Damn I can't remember, it'll come back to me in a second." I said.

"What are youse pregnant?" Shannen asked as we laughed. I punched her in the arm playfully.

"No you weirdo! Oh yeah um Reece's sister and her bestie are coming and Reece is gonna be disguised so his name is Charlie."

"Charlie, got it." Brooke said. We continued talking as we waited for Reece to turn up.

"Hey Emily." I turned around seeing Liv and Les standing there.

"Hey guys how are you?" I greeted them as cheerfully as possible because not seeing Reece anywhere made me a bit worried.

"We're good thanks. I'm really sorry but Reece has caught some kind of stomach bug and couldn't come." Liv replied as they sat down.

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