chapter 3

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"Harry Styles." I say as casual as possible. Don't freak out, I tell myself. He is hotter in person.

"I guess that clears up who I am. What's your name, beautiful?" He asked with a smirk. Oh my god. Catch me now. I'm falling. Hard. Yet I just met him.

"Really? You are the flirt, huh? And it's Katherine, or Kat." I say with a smirk. I know it meant it as a compliment but when people call me beautiful I start to feel weird and not in a good way either!

He chuckles. Huh?

"Don't think too much, love! You're safe here-Wait no! I'm famous, have fans. You could get mobbed!" His expression changes to concern and my heart skips a beat. Wow, soo cheesy!

"PAUSE! One, it's fine. Two, I'm a master at seven martial art skills, I know kick boxing and I came from a rough place where fighting is needed so clam down! And thirdly, if you're so worried than leave! I'm staying here. Wait, I cant. Oh, well. See ya on TV!" I say with a smile while waving bye to him. Not giving him time to really.

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