Chapter 1:

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Chapter 1: Meg’s POV          

“Uhm… Exususe You?” I yelled to a stranger as they pushed past me, looking like they wanted to be anywhere but a train station. He ignored me and continued speed walking away from me at a rapid speed.

            “What was that?” Asked my best friend, Lydia.

            “Some stupid stranger stepped on my foot and didn’t even apologize.” I said, picking up my bag and walking towards the train. “Lets go, the train is going to leave any minute.” I said, walking onto the train and finding my spot. Lydia followed me andsheI quickly claimed window seat, what was I supposed to do as I sat on the train taking me back to the airport? It was taking me back to the airport I came to Britian in, I was flying back to the united states, my year abroad was over. I looked over at Lydia, her light brown hair falling over her shoulders as she reached down to grab her book. She looked at me with her bright blue eyes. “what?” she asked me

            “Oh Nothing,” I said. It never failed to amaze me just how beautiful my best friend was. I was always the dull stone, sitting next to a dazzaling diamond. I was used to her always being beter known than me. Everywhere we went boys would gaze lovingly at her, and never me. I was practically invisible. But that didn’t bother me. I liked being alone, and off in my own little world, writing music, singing, and just loving life. I guess I was pretty too, in a dull way. I had long dark brown hair, with light brown eyes to match. I was taller than Lydia, by a few inches, I mean being 5 feet 8 inches, I was on te tall side and Lydia was just normal height.

            “Okay…” she said, turning back to her book.                       

            ‘The Hunger Games? Really?” I asked her, she has read it probably over 50 times and it drives me crazy.

            “What? Do you expect me to not read my absolute favorite book of all time?” She asked, laughing. She knew how much it drove me crazy that she could read something over, and over, and over again.

            “The train will be departing in 5 minutes, so please take your seat.” Said a voice over the loudspeaker.

            “can you believe that were really going back home?” Lydia asked me.

            “No, I actually can’t. After studing in britian, going back home to iowa just seems dull.” I told her, wishing we could stay here for forever.

            ‘We could just move back here after were done with school.” She said, seriously putting a thought in my head.              

            “you know, we actually could!” I said with a smile, “In 3 years we could be back here.” I said, sinking into my seat and taking my ipod out smiling to myself.

            “I’m sorry, but it seems like there aren’t any seats left on the train, is this taken?” asked a young man with bright blonde hair.

            “Oh, no it’s not taken, you can sit here if you want.” I said giving him a smile, wait a minute, he was the guy who stomped on my foot! “You never said you were sorry.” I suddenly said, after looking at him. He was attractive, with Blonde hair, and Bright blue eyes. He had a strange british accent, it sounded like her was from somewhere else, but the accents had meshed,  which led me to believe he lived around here.

            “What did I do?” he asked confusion on his face.

            “You stomped on my foot earlier.” I said blankly.

            “I did? Oh I’m terribly sorry.” He said, and he looked like he ment it.

            “Well, I guess its okay.” I said smiling at him, and turning to my ipod, clicking shuffle and putting the headphones in my ears. Ed Sheeran filed my ears with his song ‘Wake Me Up’, well  I guess I’m going to sleep this trip instead of stare outside of the windows.

AN: School has recently started for me, and i am working on another Book at the same time, so i am really sorry that this won't be updated as much as i would like it too! If you have any suggestions at any time, feel free to message me or leave a comment!


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