The Dumb Love Diaries

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20 August, 2012- 3:30am

Okay so its 3:30AM and i still cant sleep. Been lying on my bed for bout an hour now and all i can think bout is him. Sometimes i get really depressed thinking bout him, knowing that I'm NEVER gonna  end up with him, knowing that he is never gonna like me. But sometimes i get these fantasies in my head. That one day, he might just wake up and magically have feelings for me. Half the things that goes around in my head doesn't make sense. Actually, EVERYTHING that goes around in my head doesn't make sense. I wish that one day i could get over him. Its been 2 years. And i still cant forget him. Yeah he treated me badly and made me cry every night but i love him. And I just cant get over him, I don't want to get over him. I know i have to move on but I'm still waiting for something impossible to happen. Something like a miracle maybe? When i think bout him, when i think bout the times we've been together i always have this weird smile on my face. And then when i realize that i cant have him, i can never have him and that he's with somebody else now, it feels as though i got punched in the stomach really hard. All i want, is to be happy. But how can i be happy when the guy i love, the guy I've always loved is in love with somebody else?

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