The Train of Misery (Finished)

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  • Dedicated to Aprajeeta

The Train of Misery


I turn over in my bed and pull the covers over my head. I can hear the pitter-pattering of the rain hitting the window. “Jasmine! Come and have breakfast” my mum yells. I sigh and sit up. My clock flashes as another minute passes, 7:00AM. I get out of bed and grab my dressing-gown.


I walk down the hallway on my tippy-toes, the tiles are cold and I wish I had put on socks or my boots. When I get to the kitchen I see some pancakes on the table and rush to get them on my plate, I love pancakes. My mum and brother are already sitting at the table. I guess my father has left for work already and my sister is probably still asleep.


After breakfast I go to my room and get ready for school. When it’s 7:50AM my mother and I get into the car and she drives me to the train station. We live pretty close so it only takes about two minutes.


“I’ve left the recipe for dinner on the table, I’ll see you tonight. Bye!” She calls to me as I wave at her and walk into the station. When I get into the building I get my miki out and touch on. I see some friends and smile.


“Hey Jacey,” I say, walking up to her. “How are you?” she looks at me and smiles, “I’m fine, I’ve started reading the book now, I’m about half way through so I’ll give it to you when I finish.” I grin in excitement, I’ve been reading a series and Jacey and I have found another book. She let her sister read it first though.


When the train comes to the station I look into the window to see if I can see my best friend Stephanie, I see her sitting by herself and wave at her. She looks like she’s about to fall asleep. I get into the train and sit next to her.


“Hey Jasmine,” Stephanie says looking at me tiredly. I smile at her, “hey, how come you look like your about to fall asleep?” I laugh, and she just replies “I didn’t sleep much last night and I think I have a cold.” I nod my head and we lapse into silence.


The train starts and we go past station after station. All of a sudden the train starts to rock violently and some girls scream. I look out the window and I can see the rail road underneath us starting to break. My eyes widen in horror as I realise that the train is about to fall down into the stream below us, we are on a bridge and pretty high up so if we fall it’s more then likely that we will die.


I quickly grab Stephanie and we step into the place between the two carriages, we sit at the bottom trying to hold onto the doors so we don’t slide around. I hear a piercing scream as I feel the train go over the edge of the tracks and I realise it’s me.


It doesn’t go in slow motion like you would see in the movies, it’s fast and painful. I hear a loud splash as we hit the water and it starts pouring into the train. It’s ice cold and I’m shivering. I look over at Stephanie and I see she’s unconscious. I sit her up and go into the carriage where my bag is, I find it and see a heap of my stuff is broken, but that doesn’t matter. I grab my pencil case and go back to the space between the doors. I get my scissors out and start trying to cut the plastic on the sides of the space. There’s already a rip from the fall so it’s easier then it should be. 


I help Stephanie out of the train and I lean her against a tree away from the wreckage. I go back into the train to see if anyone else needs help. I see a little girl lying on the floor and I go over to her to see if she’s breathing. I can hear her breathing a bit but I’m scared that she might stop. I grab my bag and look for my phone. The screen is cracked but it looks like I might be able to use it. I quickly call the ambulance and they’re here soon with the fireman who will help with getting people out of the train.


The train driver had hit his head against the glass when the train fell and lost a lot of blood and died. I started crying and I saw someone pick Stephanie up. I quickly ran over and went in the ambulance with them. I gave the guy my name and number and I gave him Stephanie’s name.


When we got to the hospital they wouldn’t let me into Stephanie’s room until her parents came and gave me permission. I was crying and all of a sudden I saw my parents running towards me, I hugged them while crying. I didn’t know what would happen but I knew I would be scared of catching trains from now on. All that train brought was misery, maybe we should call it the Train of Misery.


I must of fallen asleep while hugging my parents and when I woke up I saw myself in the same room as Stephanie. I doctor looked over at me and smiled. “It’s nice of you to join us. I heard what you did. Stephanie was unconscious so if you had left her in there she would have drowned. Your a champion, you know that? You saved a heap of lives, by just cutting that hole in the train, we could get into it faster so we could get people out quicker.” He smiled at me and I smiled back, then I fell back into unconsciousness.

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