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~~Kassie’s POV~~

    “Mom. Mother. Mommy. Mum. Mamasita. Ma-”

    “What?!” She snapped. I’ve been bouncing around since history. We were all sitting around the dinner table. The school agreed to not tell my parents about the One Direction and recording contract event. I wanted to do it on my own.

    “You didn’t ask how school went.” I moved my tongue over my teeth to try to stop the emerging smile.

    She looked at me odd, “How did school go?” Her voice was suspicious.

    She turned to face my oldest sister, Avery. She was half way through her freshman year in college, “Mr. Celmings assigned me with Paige for the geosystems semester assignment.” My mom nodded, “Mom, that means I’m screwed,” Avery stated.

    My mom sighed and she turned to Elly, my sister, she was barely a year older, we were both juniors. “How was your day, El?”

    She sifted in her seat, “Oh, uhm… Nothing happened today, but something happened in one of the European History classes. It was all over Twitter.” She pulled out her phone and started to open the app.

   My mom switched her attention to Jack, my only brother, “How ‘bout you?”

   “I heard about that!” He faced Elly, “Some girl got a recording contract or something, I heard about it in Pre-Calc.”

    Elly looked at her phone, puzzled. She looked up at me and furrowed her brow, “Macy tweeted about it. Kassie’s mentioned in it.” She enlarged the tweet and held it up, I smirked.

    “@Macy_Jackson124: OMG OMG!! My best friend is so lucky! She deserves the recording contract! @Kassie_Michaels7 #SycoSonyWelcomesKassieM”

    My dad spoke up, “What the hell?” It wasn’t like to swear, but if my kid just got her dream made into reality, I would too. Or maybe it was that nobody could even think I had a chance.

    I got up and raced to my room and grabbed the poster Louis and Harry gave me. I ran back down the hall, met half way by my family. I held it up, “Ta da!!”


~~Avery’s POV~~

    “You have your phone? Plane ticket? Passport?” I asked.

    “Yes,” Kassie patted her backpack.

    “Okay, then. Baby sister, I think you’re ready to go tour with those boys!” I smiled at my sister, she was the youngest and most protected out of us all, but now, she was gonna go make her own adventure and make her name known and live her dream. “Jack, are you ready? We have to get to the airport soon!”

    “Relax; the flight is at 7:30, its 3:36. We have to wait for Mom,” Jack told me. Elly and Kassie were checking Twitter, probably seeing if they deleted all their embarrassing fangirl tweets to the boys.

    My dad finally spoke up again, “Kassie, dear, come here.” He hasn’t said much since last week when Kassie told us about the tour.

    Kassie looked up and put her phone down and walked over to our dad, “Yes, daddy?” She sat down on his lap; she was Daddy’s little girl.

    He brushed her hair own of her face, “Princess, you won’t do anything, right?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “I mean, you’re going to be the only girl there…and there’s gonna be A LOT of boys…and I just-”

    Kassie interrupted him, “Dad, I’ll be good. I wouldn’t do anything that wouldn’t make you proud.”

    Elly, Jack and I looked at each other. We knew she was being honest. She may have been the impulsive, loud-mouthed, vulgar teenaged girl, but she was not a liar. She hugged our dad as hard as she could.

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