Chapter 17 - The End (Part 2)

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I spun around and faced the back doors. ‘No’ I whispered. It was like a nightmare. ‘This can’t be happening’ I mumbled running down the aisle to him. ‘Sean, what are you doing here?’ I asked. ‘Rachael, I love you and I always have. Seeing you with Jack all those years back really hurt me. Then you broke up and I thought I had a chance with you but you moved to London. I moved to London just after you did so we could be together but then you got drunk so I ran off. I didn’t realise that you were dating Nathan. Seeing you with him hurts me even more because I know you’re really happy but Rach, I can make you even happier. We can be happy together. We can bring up Romi and Aimée together like one happy family’ he whispered. He had tears running down his face. He brought his hand to me cheek and rubbed it softly. ‘Sean, I’m marrying Nathan and even if I wasn’t, we still couldn’t be together. I’m sorry but I don’t have feelings for you. You were Jack’s friend and that is all you’ll ever be to me I’m sorry but Nathan is the only one I love now and he’s the only one I’ll ever love’ I announced turning to face Nathan again. He was all the way up the top but I could still see the smile plastered across his face. ‘Mummy loves Daddy!’ Romi announced clapping madly. A round of giggles echoed through the room. ‘Yeah, Mummy loves Daddy’ I repeated walking up the aisle. ‘And Daddy loves Mummy’ Nathan added. ‘Mummy and Daddy love Romi and Aimée lots too’ I added. Sean quietly left the way he came. It made me think though. I knew for a fact that I didn’t have feelings for him, but how did I not see the signs? When I was dating Jack, I saw Sean for than I saw Jack. He was always there yet it never occurred to me why he was. He had feelings for me.

‘Rachii you okay?’ Nathan whispered putting the stray hair from my face behind my ear. ‘Yeah sorry, are we okay to continue?’ I asked the priest. ‘Yeah of course, if you’re both willing to?’ he asked turning to Nathan. ‘Definitely, I want to make Rachael my wife’ he smiled. ‘If there is any here resent who should know of any reason why these two should not be married in matrimony, please speak or forever hold your peace’ the priest repeated once again. The orangery remained silent this time but this time I was nervous. I was afraid in case someone else would interrupt but thankfully they didn’t.

Nathan slipped the ring on my finger after I slipped his ring on his finger. ‘I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.’ Nathan pulled me in close by placing his left hand on my back, his right hand in mine. ‘Finally’ he whispered as our lips edged closer each second. He pecked me quickly before placing his lips delicately on mine once again. The kiss grew more passionate and lingered until the crowd started clapping. ‘Mrs Rachael Sykes, it has a nice ring to it!’ I sang clinging onto his hand as we walked the aisle together. The congregation flung confetti in the air above our heads. Romi came toddling down the aisle after us with Jess, Kelsey, Nareesha, Michelle and Lizzie not far behind with their best men Siva, Tom, Jay, Max and Cooper a relation of mine.

We stopped outside the door of the orangery for some quick photos before scurrying across the courtyard to the reception area. The guests were treated to a round of Bellini’s and appetizers while we posed for another round of wedding photos this time for OK! Magazine. The various species of tree in the garden turned out magnificently in the photos. The guests were all seated around the monochrome themed reception room which seated over 400 guests including all 5 members of One Direction and their plus ones, The Saturdays, Olly Murs, Dappy, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen and Britney Spears to name but a few. The Wanted had become so big over the last few years that even the biggest stars from across the globe were invited to the wedding.

We stood in front of two big black doors waiting to be introduced as Mr and Mrs Sykes for the first time ever. ‘Ready?’ he whispered a cheeky smile creeping across his face slowly. ‘I was born ready’ I sighed inhaling deeply. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for Mr and Mrs Sykes!’ The doors opened in unison, creaking loudly. The guests clapped wildly as the spotlight followed us as we made our way to the top table. We took our seats among our family and friends for the starters and main course. Everyone enjoyed the smooth taste of the vegetable soup served first followed by a choice or either steak or salmon. Chocolate fondant followed a serving of strawberry sorbet to cleanse the pallet.

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