The smell of bacon and eggs wakes me up. I get out of bed and walk downstairs in my pajamas. Behind me, Kitty jumps out of her room quickly to catch up to me. "Morning." I say jovially. Kitty takes hold of my arm, continuing her happy agility to get to the kitchen. Her lightness of foot almost makes me fall over. When we reach the bottom of the stairs, I am happy to be on level ground. 

 "Morning, Seri!" She says excitedly.

 "What's with the running?" Mom asks when we arrive. Kitty has a happy smile on her face, reminding me somewhat of the boy who was walking behind me in the lobby after the test. Except his smile was normal; Kitty's smile is cheery and she is hyper. That boy was not hyper. No, he was happy to wave at the woman to show her his peace and his ability to embrace her for who she is. 

 "It's becon and eggs! Although I wish bacon wasn't made of a pig. They are so cute, I can't bear the thought of them dying to be put in my belly! But they taste so good, I'll just have to put up with it anyway." Kitty leans against the opposite counter from mom and I go to one of the seats at the 'bar'. (My parents never have drinks unless my father has company over from his work.)

 "I guess so, dear." Mom says. She lifts the pan from the eye of the stove and gets the rest of the bacon on a plate. "Did you sleep well?"

 "Yep!" Kitty answers.

 "And you, Serendipity?" 

 I nod, answering, "Yes. I slept like a baby. I didn't even have a dream!"

 "That's quite weird. No dreams? I had a lovely dream about Iva- I mean, uh, oh dear. I lost my train of thought. What were we talking about?" She quickly says, covering up what she was in the middle of saying.

 "What?" Mom turns around with the plate of bacon in her hands. "What about a 'lovely dream'?" Kitty's face turns red. Before mom can say another thing about it, Kitty walks forward and takes the plate of bacon.

 "Here, let me help you set the table." Kitty walks to the table and sets the plate full of bacon in the middle.

 "What were you going to say?" I ask. Kitty shoots me a glance, telling me to shut up. Mom didn't see it, since Kitty's back was to her. 

 "Kitty?" Mom tries to coax Kitty, but toast from the toaster pops up.

 Once we have breakfast with just the three of us, dad too busy to come out of his office, mom suggests Kitty and I go shopping. She gives us a hundred dollars each to buy us something nice for the Divisions Commitment. Mom steps in dad's office right as Kitty and I are dressed and ready to go.

 We walk out together and head towards the shopping area in the front of States Division. There are many people out walking the sidewalks and cars on the streets. The Divisions Commitment is tomorrow, and I suppose everyone has the same thought on their mind. Our division has a lot of money, and the occupants spend it on the most ludicrous things. Just as it is ludicrous that our mom wouldn't equivocate to just give out two hundred dollars to buy an outfit for the two of us. 

 Kitty and I stroll around one of the top stores that girls our age like to go to. I look at a dress on a rack and decide to put it back. Not really mys style. I like the more flowy, pretty colored clothes. Much like Kitty, actually. Must be a twin thing to want to dress the same?


 I look around to see who yelled my sisters name. Of course, it was one of the girls that hangs around with her and Jessica. And, like someone read my mind, Jessica appears. She follows the girl, Amanda, to hug Kitty. While they hug her, Kitty's face is in front of me and she rolls her eyes, knowing I saw.

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