Ally & MDZ

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Once upon a time, Ally fell in love with a hockey player. She loved Del Zotto to pieces, but the only problem was that he didn't even know her. Until one cold, October day. Ally had just gotten her dream job and to add to her happiness, she was headed to the Rangers game that night. Her tickets led her to just next to the penalty box, right near the action. The game against the Flyers got started quickly and already they were nasty towards each other. At that moment, Michael Del Zotto was called for tripping. He sadly made his way over to the penalty box. While inside, he looked around. There wasn't anything better to do. When he looked to his left side, he saw the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. Mind you, he's been with so many that he would know beauty. They locked eyes, and stared for the longest time. He smiled and waved. Ally's heart stopped almost. Michael Del Zotto was waving to her. Del Zotto looked quickly around and then blew her a kiss. He pointed to the time and then the exit across the ice. If Ally was reading this right, she thinks Del Zotto wanted to meet her after the game. She liked where this was going. The game ended an hour and a half later, where the Rangers won 5-2. As quickly as she could, she went outside, towards where the players left. Ally bundled her jacket closer, and waited. Fifteen minutes later, out he came. He was searching among the crowd for her. Quickly he found her and walked over to her. "Hi," he said. Ally just blinked. Michael Del Zotto was talking to her. "Here's my number, go out with me sometime?" he asked hopefully. She smiled widely, and replied, "I'd loved to." Maybe this was the most perfect night of her life. Time would tell. 

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