AN okay with all the medical stuff im sure i am 100 percent wrong with like everything with Zayn i am a 13 year old girl i do not know abput medical stuff so leave me alone! lol jk

Ally POV

I could hear the boys talking When Louis burst's in screaming "Zayn got shot!"  the boys run out of the room. I try to move but it's as if I'm stuckn a shell, unable to move i scream. Wait! i screamed i moved my lips i use my energy to open my eyes, I look around the empty room Leam runs in grabbing his jacket he screams when he see's me up he runs into the hallway grabbing the boys and my crying best friend. They all hug me  until a realize Zayn isn't here 'Zayn was shot" i say the boys eyes grow wide 'how did you-" Harry stutters "oh trust me i could hear you all like how much Keri likes Harry how much harry likes Keri how Louis wants carrots should i go on/" Harry and Keri are blushing like crazy i sigh "guys I'm tired go to Zayn pray for him okay?" i say they kiss my forehead running out of the room. I close my eyes actually having a real dream for once in the past 2 months.


"Mr.Malik can you hear me?' someone says everything is a blur i cant see which i weird because i was shot in the back not in the eyes. I try to take deep breaths but i cant when i do i get basically a piercing pain and no air.The doctors are in a rush to save me. I close my eyes and it goes black.

Keri POV

"He died?"  i ask choking the Doctor sighs 'well yes and no' i stare at him confused "he died until we hooked up the oxygen supply to not get to technical he was shot in the back a bullet shard punctured his lung." i loose my breath, "Will he be okay?i ask scared "he's going into surgery in a few minutes if it goes okay yes but if it goes wrong no" i grasp onto the nearest person, happening to be Louis. He rubs my back 'please make him live' Louis says the doctor wheels Zayn out of the room. i hug Louis for at least 3 minutes then switch to sitting on Harry's lap sobbing into his shirt. "Zayns strong love he will be okay' Liam says i sniffle 'well I'm not! my life is horrible my mother and boyfriend die the same night! Harry forgets me! Ally goes into a coma! Her abusive ex comes back! Zayn get's shot! do you not see how horrible my life is?" The boys had never heard about my past only Harry knew so theyr'e eyes were wide with emotion's.

~3 hours of crying later~

The Doctor walks in removing his gloves I look at him he shrugs his shoulders confused i stare at him 'the surgery went perfectly fine, but Zayn's body may not react correctly to all of these new medications, stitches, and other medical tools we used.' i nod understanding what he meant 'were just going to wait and see" and in is wheeled Zayn in along with a few other empty hospital beds from nurse Kelly. 'what are these for?' i ask 'sleep here' she says we pair up.

Niall and Liam in one

Louis and Harry in one

and me alone in one.

My bed is right next to Zayns so i hold his hands while i sleep. his body is freezing i stare at him his body motionless I'm scared really i am hoping he will be okay praying he will be okay just like Ally was. Oh god please let him be okay.

'Ugh' someone groans i open my eyes its Zayn "are you okay Zayn thank god your okay! he nods 'yeah I'm fine its just i am really cold and two my back is killing me. i pull down the two metal arm rest's separating us and lay next to him my arms go around his stomach his arm going around the back of my neck.

1 week later

Harry POV

Zayn came home yesterday, Ally went home last week. The girls live with us in our flat and i have a huge surprise for Keri tonight we are going to the park where i am going to ask her out. 'Keri!" i shout she gets up from the couch leaving Zayn to watch Toddler and Tiar's with only Ally so maybe it was a good thing! "yeah Harry?" she says "tonight put on a dress and look pretty I'm taking you out!" i announce she blushes "Really?!" she says i nod she hugs me my heart racing butterfly's in my stomach 'thanks Hazza" she says joining Zayn on the couch.

She thinks were going out for a small date but i set up lanterns and made a picnic basket and made sure their would be beautiful constellations tonight. Tonight i am going to ask her out tonight my dreams come true.


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