ok,so im in Amsterdam right now.

Mark located Skyler here so i guess this is my destination for now.

My plane landed 20 minutes ago and right now im in Starbucks,of course.

If i could live in this coffee shop i would,their coffee is so delicious i cant live a day without it,but unfortunately that is not a reason im here.

 After my talk with Mark, i got on plane and came here.

Right now im waiting for someone to come and bring me my stuff and my new car, i just hope its not some really expensive car

i mean i like sport cars and everything but for this mission i would rather have some average car and some average aparment,i dont wanna be too obvious.

i felt someones hand on my shoulder and smiled immediately,i cant believe they send him,i looked up to see my best friend,Damien grinning at me "dude,what are you doing here?i though you were on that mission in chicago"

 last time i checked he was in Chicago and that was like a week ago.

i mean he couldnt finish it that fast,but still im really glad to see him here,Damien and i go way back,we were best friends since diapers.

I hate to admit it but that boy is great looking,with his blond hair and big blue eyes,he was always popular,i mean im not gay or anything but he is great looking.

 "yeah i know but Alpha send me here to help you,looks like were in this together" he said with his tick irish accent.

Damien is originally from ireland,but his familly moved to America long time ago,they became part of our pack and they are to this day.

"oh,thats great! but we better go to our apartment,i dont want Mark killing me"

i said and stood up from my very comfortable seat,man im so tired.

 "so,inform me,what do we know about her?" i asked Damien as we made our way to our new car,i didnt have any luggage with me so it made everything a lot faster and easier.

"well,for now we know that she is involved in drug bussines and gangs,we heard that she has many connections in underground,so we have to be carefull.We think that she is here on a job,something about some reach people hiring her to kill someone,so she will be here for at least a month" Damien informed me on how little we know,when you think about it we are FBI i though that they would find out everything in like a day or so,but thats just in the movies.

"heres the car,i told them not to give us anything expensive,but they never listen" Damien sighed and nodded in direction were our car was parked in all its expensive glory,car was beautiful,it was black crz Honda,very nice car if you ask me.

Damien sat in drivers seat and i got in passingers one,we drove off to our apartment which was something like twenty minutes from here if you drive like maniac,and he does.

20 minutes later we arrived to apartment and i can tell you i was i awe when i saw it,it has like 5 bedrooms and its more like a penthouse than apartment.

it has a huge living room that is painted in baby green and is connected to a big kitchen that is painted in pitch color,the apartmant is very big,but it has a home wibe,its warm and welcoming,but also distant and adventurous.

Every bedroom has different art work on the walls,mines has driving of a forest that turns into an ocean on the other wall and then turns into sky,these drivings are incredible,i am in deep awe right now,its hard fighting a gasp.

"so ill let u sleep for a while and then were getting to work,arlight?" i just nodded my head in Damiens direction and trew myself on my very comfortable bed...

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