My name is Aurora Evermore, and I am an Elite.

Any werewolf that has heard of The Elites believes us to cold and ruthless. Join us and you'll see that that's not exactly true. Things from our past have given us this appearance. Not everybody can be all happy and sweet. Not when everything gets torn from you. Not when everything you believed in was a lie. Not when love fails you. The Elites are a group of werewolves that have decided to go against what we were raised to believe in.

Eli King, my second in command, never found his mate and just gave up hope.

He's mostly the strength of The Elites and has no emotions for anything after rouges killed his parents and his little sister.

Ryder Joseph.

Ryder had a mate, but she chose to reject him and marry her lover. Ryder is the brains and tech geek of The Elites. He tries to put up a wall of cold indifference, but not around The Elites. I do not allow that. The three of us are the original Elites.

Josephine Houston.

Is our liaisons officer. If a pack needs to ask for our help they speak to her first. Josephine joined The Elites in a different manner, she took the test and passed. She was rejected by her mate because the alpha's daughter lost her mate when she was young, as the next alpha she needed a mate and that's where Josephine's mate came into the picture. Her mate and the alpha's daughter were childhood friends, a perfect love story. After that tragedy Josephine came to us, the first female to take the test. She almost didn't pass, but she must have realized that this was her only way out of the pain and misery she would suffer from being a rejected mate.

Charles Johnson, the weapons specialist, I believe has the most tragic story.

He found his mate really young, and by that I mean fifteen, we're all near twenty or early twenties, they had two children. His mate and two children accidentally wandered into a rival pack's territory and they were killed. His pack did nothing to avenge their death. Charles also took the test, but passed because he shut down after the death of his children and mate. It was only after that we found out what brought him to us. Anger and hate radiated off of him. We kept him because at least here he's occupied and is able to recover with our help.

That leaves me.

Aurora Evermore.

I'm leader of The Elites. I'm the most agile, Eli is the only one stronger than me, and logic has always had a home within me. Before becoming an Elite I was one of my pack's warriors. The only female warrior in my pack because the females in my pack were allowed to be weak and chose to be dominated. Not me, I wanted more. My parents didn't approve, but they were proud that I chose my own fate.

To be an Elite there can be no emotions. Only logic. When packs are in wars we help them; we take care of rouges and help whoever needs it. It's how we became known to every werewolf pack. How did The Elites come to be? Some say it was destiny, others say it was coincidence. We say it was fate. Eli, Ryder, and I met in a forest by accident and got hit by a comet. The comet gifted us.

Eli can control fire, and can become fire itself.

Ryder can see through everything, such as objects, clothes, people, emotions; his ability even allows him to see through the earth itself.

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