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I am still pretty upset with Rosemerta and Misty. Well mostly just Rosemerta because Misty really didn't do anything, but she agreed with Rosemerta, so I am mad at her a little bit.

I don't know why they think it is so bad for me to be friends with Draco......I will find out sometime though.....I hope.


It has been two weeks since the argument between Rosemerta, Misty, and I and I am still pretty mad at them, so right now I am in Transfiguration and I am sitting far away from them.

They keep on exchanging looks between each other and they keep on talking with each other very, very quickly. It seems like they are arguing about who should go up to me first. I don't know why they both won't just walk up to me, but who cares 'cause I am still mad at them......I think?

I am sitting next to a Hufflepuff girl going by the name of Hannah Abbott, who surprisingly was really nice towards me.

" So, how come you arn't sitting over there with your friends? " Hannah asked.

" Reasons. " I answer.

" But, what reasons? " Hannah pushed on.

" We got in an argument. There. End of story. " I answered sort of rudely.

" Okay, gosh, I was just wondering. " She said, " I mean because I havn't seen you with them for a while and I was sort of worried for you!? That's all...."

She huffed and quickly looked away from me.

Ah, Merlin's beard! I feel horrible! She said she felt worried for me and then I just brushed her away! Oh, well she seems too mad at me now.

Pretty much the whole class I havn't really been listening and now Professor Mcgonagall was assigning us all homework! Well, not trying to sound vain and all, but I really don't need to listen in any of my classes and I still seem to be able to get all outstandings on my homework.

" Now I want you all to write three parchment full of how to transfigure a cat into a rock. " There were some complains and sighs from some of the students, but Professor Mcgonagall went on, " I want complete detail. Don't forget! Okay you are all dismissed! "

There was the screech of chairs against the stone floor.

I hurriedly shoved my stuff into my bag and went to go to Charms when Misty blocked my way.

" What do you want? " I asked furiously. I really wanted to get to my next class, it was one of my favorites.

" Wait! I need to ask you something! " Misty answered calmly, but she seemed like she was rushing herself.

" Okay, say it before Halloween comes. "

" How come you have been ignoring us lately? " She asked with concern in her voice, " Because I mean I know maybe Rosemerta seemed to lash out on you, but I didn't! "

" Well, maybe because you guys seem to not really support me with wanting to stay like a sister with Draco! " I said back.

" I never said that I didn't support you! It was all Rosemerta who kept on saying all of that stuff about how she didn't want you guys to stay as friends. " She said to me.

Crap! I have been ignoring them, but I never thought about what they thought about us staying as friends! And Misty just said that she is sort of supporting me! Maybe I should ask people about things before I just ignore them till the day I die, or maybe the day they die, whatever one.

" I am so sorry Misty! " I said to her before I flung myself at her and hugged her till she started chocking.

" Chocking, not breathing. "

" Oh, sorry! " I quickly let go of her before I finished what I was saying, " It's just that I didn't know that you were sort of supporting me, I just thought-

" Assumed. " She said calmly to me.

" Right or assumed. " I mentally rolled my eyes at her before I went on, " And I thought you guys were mad at me too, because I still wanted to hang out with him! "

" Girls?! " We both looked over to see that we were the only ones left in the room and Professor Mcgonagall was glaring at us, " Go to your next class would you?! "

" Oh, right, so sorry Professor! " We both said at the same time and it made us laugh.

We picked up our bags and started to walk to the door.

" Well Rosemerta has been a little mad at you, but I never was! " Misty said.

" Well Rosemerta is a little bit more judgemental than you are, so it is no surprise that she might still be mad at me. " I said while looking down at the ground.

" She is more mad at you that you were or are ignoring us, than about that whole Draco thing. "

Wow! That is the first time she has ever said his first name!

" Oh..... "

" Yeah ' Oh........' " She said and I could see that she was mentally rolling her eyes at me.

We both stopped talking and quietly walked to charms class.

I am still surprised she said his name though! I mean that is the first time I have heard any of my friends say his first name without anger or relish in their voices.

We finally got to Charms and we walked in. I decided that I would sit with them than stay away. When we walked up to the table that Rosemerta had already picked out and I could see surprise and happiness in Rose's eyes.

" Wow.....you are finially sitting with us......what happened? " She questioned both of us.

We both took turns filling her in on what happened during the whole class of Charms.

The bell rang telling us it was time for our next class.

" Whoa! I am so glad we are not mad at each other anymore! " Rosemerta said and she hugged us both.

" I am really glad too! " I said.

" Me three! " Misty said.


The rest of the day went by quickly since I wasn't mad at them anymore. I was really happy about that!

It was now the end of the day and we all walked down to the great hall for dinner. Once we got there we all sat down at the Ravenclaw table and piled our plates high with food and dived in.

" I am still really happy that I don't have worry about not being able to talk to you! " Rosemerta said with excitement in her voice.

" I am really happy too Rose and Misty! I am also really sorry that I didn't talk to you guys! I really regret it. " I said between mouthfuls of food.

" Its okay! I was mad at you too, so we are even! " Rosemerta said and then we all went quiet and finished our dinner.

We all but ran up to the Ravenclaw common room and plopped down on one of the chairs and started our homework.

" I am so bloody glad that I have you to help me with the homework! " Rosemerta said and we all chuckled. Rosemerta was really funny!

" Well I am happy to help! " I said happily and we all dove into our homework.

We all finished at around 2:00 and we slowly walked up the stairs to our dormitories. We threw our bags down and we didn't even change our clothes, we just fell onto our beds and fell asleep.

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