We woke up in the morning really early like 3:00 am and rode our bikes to tge park we pkayed there for about 5 hours .Going up and down the slides, swinging on the swings , and climbing the ladders . We had fifteen minutes till we got there. We where going to meet my long lost brother Louis Tomlinson. We were going to a One Direction signing . If Louis wasnt on X-Factor we probaly wouldnt even know he exist but like Lilly and I he had the Tomlinson eyes. We walked toward the signing . We were last in line but that was okay. We waited hours of screaming girls , crying girls and Lilly sleeping in my arms. We finally were first Louis my name is Megan Tomlinson and your my brother. " I belive you , I mean you have the Tomlinson eyes . " Ellie laughed thats the first time ive heard that laugh in years.


hi guys hope u like it I will do some next week! :)

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