Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Adrian's POV

So right now we're kind of just sitting around my sister's house not really doing anything. Not only that but somehow I ended up sandwiched between Paul and Alex as Elle sat on a separate chair close by. Since we all sat down I've had a permanent blush on my face because I'm so close to both of them. I can already tell that this is going to end badly.

Lucky me.

"So've you been?" Thank God someone decided to say something! It would have been horrible if we sat here the whole time in silence. Unfortunately that person decided to put all the focus on me as if I needed everyone noticing the fact that my face currently looked like a tomato.

"Well...umm...I've been good." My voice was shaky and I was hoping that no one realized how nervous I was right now. I felt like I was in the hot seat and at any moment they were going to accuse me of trying to steal Alex from Elle.

"Why do you sound so unsure about that?" Alex asked laughing lightly. Of course I didn't respond I just laughed nervously along with him. Turning to face Paul I realized that he was once again staring at me with a curious look on his face. Uh oh...time to change the subject.

"So...ummm...Elle, what's up?" Sitting up straight in the cheer her mood immediately brightened.

"Well I'm glad you asked..."

Anytime those five words came out her mouth it meant one thing: We would be here all night. I sat back and pretended to listen to what she was saying. Every few seconds I would throw in an 'uh huh' and a 'you're kidding?' and she would just keep going. All the while I was sitting there trying to figure out what to do about the two men that I was sandwiched between.

I think it's clear that I have feelings for Alex. He would be a good balance to my craziness and he's absolutely adorable. But he and my sister are dating and I'm pretty sure he's incredibly straight. Then there's Paul who is an amazing boyfriend that I could never hurt. He may be obsessed with football and always teases me about my "gracefulness" but he always comes through for me in the end.

"What do you think Adrian?"

"Huh?" I really needed to stop spacing out. Letting out a huge sigh Elle shot me an aggravated look before repeating herself.

"Can Adrian stay with you while we get the house renovated? I'll be over at a friend's house so that I don't have to stay with you two and worry about seeing something I shouldn't."

Definitely not. He sure as heck can't stay over.

"What? Why not?"

"Huh? Did I say that out loud?"

"Yeah you did." There was definitely hurt in his voice and immediately I felt guilty about what I said. Sinking lower in the seat I chanced a peek at Alex who was now staring at me with a sad look in his eyes. Well I wasn't expecting that. He usually didn't show his emotions so easily.

"Do you really not want me over your house?"

"It's not that...I just...umm I don't mean that..." How was I supposed to explain this?

"I think he means that he's just not used to living with someone else besides me. It's been so long since we had anyone really stay over."

"Oh okay..." he seemed to cheer up just a little bit and I relaxed in the seat. Elle was still staring at me weirdly and it was hard to tell what she was thinking. I was hoping with all that was in me that she wasn't even close to thinking that I had feelings for Alex.

"So when are you staying over?"

"Actually if I could throw some things in a bag I can come over tonight."

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