Chapter 66- we all got in the van and drove to the mall! I went to forever 21 with paige and Chloe first we shopped all day then when we got back to the hotel! For dinner the moms ordered us pizza so we had a huge pizza party in maddie's room! we made alot of funny YouTube videos. We were int the middle of one where I was singing and my phone went off I picked up my phone but kept singing. Looked at the message it was from Brandon it read I think we need to talk! Call me! I Stopped singing and ran out of the room! I sat down in the hall against the wall! Everyone came running out asking what's wrong by this time tears were down my face! I had no clue why he would Want to break up with me! I read them the text an they said maybe it's a good text try calling him! Okay I said I walked back into the room and told the girls I was putting him on speaker but they have to be quiet they all agreed!

Chapter67- it rang 2 times then he picked up hey Brooke he said! I said I Miss you. He said yeah look we need to talk. A tear rolled down my face and maddie wiped it. I said about what? I took a deep breath I was scared on what he was gonna say! He says to me Brooke who are those boys all over your instagram? I say Brandon they are just fans! That's all! He said okay then why are you flirting with guys on twitter? I'm just being friendly I say back. Too friendly for me! Your MY girlfriend not theirs !he says he sounds really jealous. Im not brandon I'm yours and only yours! How can I be sure Brooke? He replies Brandon I love you. Tears stroll down my cheek. I love you too! Good, hows work? It's actually not that bad I'll be back tomorrow at 11! I won't be home till 3, I leave at 10. So were missing each other? Yeah I guess. Okay well I love you I love you too. Say goodnight to the girls for me I said wait here say it to them. Goodnight girls they all yelled night!! I love you I said he said I love you too! Then I end the call and go on twitter and Brandon tweeted --all you guys out there Brooke is taken by me and we are in love please stop flirting with her! --I just smiled then get a text-- your mine I love you and I'll do anything for you! Goodnight sweetheart! -- I just smile and text back-- I love you! <3--!

Chapter 68- I tell all the girls goodnight and go to my room. I slip on pajamas and then go yo bed as soon as my head hits the pillow I fall asleep. I wake up to Chloe yelling wake up in my ear. I tell her thanks get out of bed take a shower brush my teeth and do my hair. I blow dry it then braid it. I then went and got dressed. I wore my white shorts and light purple floral top. I looked at my phone it read 9:50 I grabbed my key and headed in the elevator to meet them in the lobby. The elevator door opens and they are standing there. We go to the mall and it's kinda weird because I'm just shopping with them and no one else. My mom knew I wanted to go into forever 22 so bad! So she said Brooke you want to go to forever 21 shopping first? I said sure! We walked in and I looked around I found some cute clothes and went to try them on. I was looking for the perfect outfit for my date when Brandon got back. I tried on peach colored shorts and a white lace top with a white tank top underneath. I thought it looked nice so I went out to ask the moms what they thought, I walk out and Diane said that looks nice what's it for? I smiled and my mom said probably for a date with Brandon. I just smiled even bigger my mom said it looked nice and that I should get it. So I went back in and changed into my clothes and bought the outfit. Then we looked around more. Then we went out to lunch. By this time it was 12:30 and I was hungry! When we got there my phone went off it was a text from Brandon. It read --heey, I'm taking the girls to the park near the hotel. So the moms can I have a break I said I would watch them. I love you!  hows it going? -- I smiled then text him back -- it's going good went shopping now out for lunch just talking. Awwe that's so cute Brandon! Iove you too ! -- my mom was looking at me then finally said who are you texting? I just said brandon. Diane said what did he say? I told her what he said and she said.

Chapter 69- he is watching the girls? I said yep! Wow she looked at Kelly then said Brooke really has changed Brandon. I just smiled and said no I haven't! Diane looked at me then said yeah you have for the better even Britt notices it! Like he would never watch the girls before. Then my phone buzzed it was Brandon it read-- what you talking about? :)-- I replied-- you :) --then Diane said Brooke how are you and Brandon? Good... Then my mom says you seem more happy these days Brooke even Abby has said so. I am I reply! When ever I'm around brandon I can't stop smiling or laughing... He just makes my day better. I can feel myself starting to blush. Diane looks at me and says do you love Brandon? Yeah I love brandon. No like do you actually love him?she asks. I do love him! Brandon loves you i can tell by the way he is Diane tells me. then my mom says so is it weird sharing a room and bed with brandon? No it's actually not it's kinda like when we were little remember we you'st to have those sleepovers? They both nod their heads. It's like that. We eat our food then we go back to the hotel. I text Brandon hows the park? He replies right away great. I walk upstairs with my mom and Diane to Melissa's room. All the moms were in there they asked how our lunch was I replied good! Diane and my mom looked at them and said it was a yes answer! They all started laughing I had no clue what they were talking about. I just looked at them like they were crazy. Then christi said awwe brookie your growing up and falling in love, then I understood she told me to come over and she hugged me then Melissa and holly. Then my mom and last Diane I she whispered in my ear I'm glad you feel that way. I know brandon does too! You already feel like my daughter. I just smile then tell them I'm gonna go surprise Brandon. They said okay I started walking down the street to the park and I heard Maddie scream Brandon your it for grounders I couldn't help but laugh then paige screamed but you must keep your eyes closed at all times!

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