Picture: Chale

I looked around the corner and when I saw the windows closed I walked into the kitchen.

"Hey Renity." Chale smiles from his bowl of last nights stew.

"Hey Ale." I walked quickly on my tip-toes across the cold floor and grabbed a bowl and filled it with stew. Then I flited back to the table and sat by my brother.

"How did you sleep?" He asked.

"Swell." I muttered sleepily. "And yourself?" I asked.

"Like a baby." He reasponded hinting my bad mood.

"I don't understand that saying, babys don't sleep throught the night. They wake up and cry every few hours." I scowled.

"Okay what's wrong?" Chale asked. I looked up at him through a strand of curl that never seems to grow,

"Bad dream." I muttered. He frowned, pondering on that thought.

"The same one?" He asked.

"Yup. Wake up, eyes blind folded, mouth gagaed. Hands and feet bound. A Bounty towering over me, knife in hand. Mom's limp, still body in the corner. Her blank eyes stairing at me, but seeing nothing. Dad's aggonizing screams hurting my ears..." I shuddered at the thought of the so often repeated dream.

"You do know thats not going to happen right?" Chale asked. I nodded slowly. "The dreams will go away soon, don't worry Ren, it will go away soon." He said.

"I have been having these dreams sense I can remember!" I scoffed loudly.

"Sh!" He demanded as my voice raised.

"Right..." I whispered. Then Chale swallowed the rest of his stew and left me alone in the old, big house.

I finished eating my stew then I walked around not really doing anything but avoiding open windows. Then I decided to clean. I hand wash the dishes, then dry them, then put them all away. Next I scrub the counter tops, the table, the stove, the fridge door, and then lastly the floor. That all took about two hours. Next I duste the house and wash the closed windows. I polish and oiled my Dad's guns.

I sing as I worked and when all that was done, three hours later I did folded the basket of cloths. Alot of the cloths needed fixing so I spent the next hour doing that. And then that was done and it was only eleven.

Mom and Dad leave for work at five, Chale leaves at seven. Then they all get home at six. I sighed then wen't up to my room to do the homework my mother left for me. I finished it in a half hour because I secreatly skip ahead in my lessons. Then I spent another half hour reading. Now it was noon.

I decided to paint. I did that for two hours and then got board. I remade my bed then orginized my bookshelf for the houndreth time this week, so that took only a half hour. I spent the next hour napping.

I went down stairs and streched. Then I did push ups and sit ups. I did pull ups from the bar above the door going into the basement. And then I continued to work out for one hour

Then I spent the next hour in the celler, practicing bow and knife.

Then I ran down stairs to start supper. I decided to make pasta and tamatoe souce. While the water boiled and the meat thawed I did a few crunchs and sit ups. Then the water boiled over and I poured the noodles in. I chopped up the borwning meat and then poured the sauce over it.

Then an hour later my parents got home with Chale. "Hey princess." Dad kissed the top of my head.

"Hi daddy. Hi Mom." I hugged my tiered looking mom.

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