Chapter 08: Tryouts

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 Chapter 08: Tryouts

I stiffly marched over to the crowd of girls. Yes marched. My head kept turning to the side to glance at Amelia from the corner of my eye. She rolled her eyes, her hands made a shooing gesture in my direction. Spades is a dead man, an extremely dead man, if that even made any sense...

“Avery! You're trying out for cheer leading?” Kelsey, one of my friends called out to me.

I blew out a breath when I saw that there was a small group of people that I could consider close friends and steered myself towards them. Amelia already disappeared into the gym where most of the guys would be. Perverts, I tell you! And also, social status seekers. At least that's what I call them. What are they? No, who are they? They're stuck up girls who don't join anything, but are popular because of how rich they are. They scope out all the potential popular girls that are trying out for cheer leading. So, they can make, or break, your reputation.

“Alright girls. Into the gym! Christy, take your spot at the judging table we have set up.” Coach Misty called, her arms waved around as if she was herding us like a group of sheep.

I followed Kelsey's little group in, but got separated since they needed to go into the change rooms to change. Some girls, like Christy, were already in their cheer uniforms. Only the captain and co-captain though. Sadly, Kelsey was the co-captain. Why was this a sad fact? It's because she's been trying to get me to join the team ever since we became friends last year. I both love and curse that day.

“Okay, I'm going to take attendance first before we start. Please stand in a line on the tape marked spaces over there!” Christy's voice boomed through the gym.

Does she really need a microphone for this? Geez, I can't believe the coach brought the whole amp system for this. I mean, Christy's voice is already loud enough as it is. I looked around at some very confident, and also very self conscious girls trying out. And as I had predicted, the indoor bleachers and benches were filled with guys. Both regular, nerdy, and jock. All men are the same, as both me and my Mom had always said. I just couldn't believe the coach had let them in, the same with the whole amp thing. I swear these tryouts are more important than anything else in the school.

“Here.” I waved my hand sheepishly when Christy called on me.

They handed out numbers and told us to wait at the side when it's not our turn. They said they'd tell if we didn't make it right after we perform. They'd leave potential cheerleaders behind to pick from afterwards. I was number six. My eyes darted around the room in search for the piece as I watched my turn anxiously. Wait a minute, why didn't I just sit in the bleachers while the tryouts went on then find it? I mentally smacked myself for not thinking of it. Maybe it's not too late to back out. I got onto my feet from my crossed legged position on the ground beside the other girls, and inched my way towards the door.

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