Chapter 26- Twitter issues

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(Niall's P.O.V.)


I checked my phone and it was a notification from twitter.

It was probably another crazy fan. But I am bored.

I checked it.

OdalyLovesYou has just followed you.

I looked at it and smiled. I looked at her information.

I LOVE One Direction! I have hanged out with them and it is awesome! So um yeah. Follow me and I will try to follow back!

I checked her tweets. One tweet.

So I just made a twitter! Jai made me, well he kinda dared me to. Grr you Jai! But I love you! @JaiBrooks1

I read tweet and felt my heart drop a little.

Did she forget me already?

 I clicked her follow button and soon I got a lot of mentions.

@NiallOffical: Why do you always follow new people? Please follow me?- candylovesyouxoxo

@NiallOffical: Is that Odaly who you just followed? You guys look cute together!- Monicaxoxo

@NiallOffical: You should follow me, maybe? -Tiffanyxxx

@NiallOffical: :'( You never will follow me. But you will follow a newbie. Crying.-Skittlefreakxoxo

I sighed and followed some more people. Then I sent Odaly a dm. Then I got off my phone and looked up at the ceiling.

"What is so interesting in the ceiling?" Liam asked.

"Oh nothing. I was just thinking." I said.

"About?" Liam raised his eyebrows.

"I think Odaly forgot me and likes someone else." I confessed.

"Why?" Liam asked.

I gave him my phone and he looked at Odaly's twitter.

"Who is Jai?" He asked. I shrugged.

"I don't know." I responded.

"Look him up." Harry said, awakening from his nap.

"Okay." I clicked on his username and it said he is a member of the Janoskians. Youtube it. I youtubed it. I watched some of their videos. I must admit, they are funny.

"Did you find it?" Harry asked.

"Yep." I said.

"Do you think you have some competition?" Harry asked.

"Maybe.. But we should tell Odaly and them to come to our tour before they forget all about us." I said.

"Maybe you should text her." Harry asked.

"I can't. We don't have that much signal here. Just like you. Why don't you text Megan?" I asked.

"I don't have signal." Harry responded.

"See." I said.

"Is Odaly following Megan?" Harry asked.

"Nope. I don't think Megan has a twitter." I said.

"Darn." Harry said.

I was looking up Jai Brooks and then I heard snoring. I looked over at Harry, who was asleep.

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