Chapter 17: Code red. Code red! Code red?

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Chapter 17: Code red. Code red! Code red?


No, no, no, no this was so not happening. My ‘father’ stood at the door of my home with four huge old men that probably used steroids. My ‘father’ was glared Dylan right in the eyes and Dylan glared back.  you could cut the tension with a knife.

                “What do you want?” Dylan growled the words making four huge men look like they were going to piss their selves’ right here and right now. I could help but smirk a little.

                “My daughter,” my sperm donor told Dylan looking him right in the eyes.  I looked at all the boys. It was five against one and it so wasn’t fair. Dylan needed back up and quick. I silently pulled out my new iPhone that they gave me and texted Jack telling him my dad was here and he brought back up

                “There is no way in hell that is going to happen,” Dylan told my dad. The look in Dylan’s eyes could make the strongest toughest man crap his pants. I was even a little scared. I mean I know he would never hurt me but that looked was really scaring me.

                “The court didn’t grant you permission to take her. Did it?” my dad asked with an evil smirk on his lips.

                “Hey jack I think I know where we can hide the dead body,” Noah told Jack. They are standing on my right side while Dylan was on the left with his arm protectively over my shoulders.

                “Now where would that be Noah?” Jack asked with a smirk on his lips. From what I know Jack and I don’t know his that well I can tell you that smirk meant no good. I had to smile a little to myself.

                “We got the shoves,” I heard a girlie voice screeched. I looked behind me to see Sarah, Jordan, and Kylie; they all had shoves in their hands.

                “Ha like you guys could take me down and my army,” my dad sneered.

                “What army? Oh wait is it you and the four boys who use steroids?” I asked with a smirk.

                “Well, well. Look who finally talking,” My dad said.

                “Beat it moron before we beat you guys into pulp,” Noah said with cold voice.

                “Fine but we will be back with more people,” My dad said while turning around. He took one step before turning around and saying, “I don’t know why you guys are protecting her, I mean she is useless.”

                “Yeah well I guess it runs in the family. You most have passes it on to me,” I told him with a smirk.

                “Watch your back and remember who you are talking to,” my father told me before walking away.

                “Well that was interesting,” Sarah mumbled.

                “Yeah,” I agreed. I didn’t want to be around anyone so I accused myself and went  Dylan and mine room t and took a nice nap.

                Carly and I sat in the living room eating potato chips while watching Disney.  Out of nowhere Dylan busted through the door panting like he just ran a mile or two.

                “C-code red,” he managed to get out.           

                “Code red!” Cary screeched before running away.

                “Code red?” I asked. All of a sudden the lights went out and something or someone went right through the window making glass fly all over but the worst part was I couldn’t anything, I couldn’t see where the glass was or Dylan. I was screwed.


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