::Nooki's P.O.V::

I woke up to myself running in the bathroom throwing up. I must have drank a lot. I wanted 2 watch this video so I got my stool and put it next too Jade. I don't know how I'm going to get the camera with these two in the way. I don't want to wake them up either. Jacob was next to the fridge and Jade was next to him on the other side. I just reached for the top of the fridge and tried to grab the camera. It was still on recording mode. When I reached for the camera I accidentally pushed it forward and it fell on Jacob. I started laughing loud.

"Oh so you thing this shit is funny!" Jacob yelled

I shook my head and tried to stop laughing. He kicked my stool and I fell the opposite direction from Jade and the stoll fell the other which landed on Jade. I fell but I was still laughing cause Jade had woke up.

"See look what you did you woke Jade up!"

"No no no once again you woke her up by kicking my stool"

"Could both of y'all shut up and stop yelling"

Jade was holding her head. It must have hurt from the drinks last night. When I looked at the counter I saw drink bottles shattered everywhere and some drops of moscato.

"God, we drank all the drinks"

Jade started laughing

"We drank all the drinks"

"Jade shut up"

"I'm sorry that's funny. We drank all the drinks."

I rolled my eyes and laughed a little bit too.

"Well, we need to wake everybody else up so we can watch this video!" I said excitedly 

"I don' think you should do that Trey gets snappy when you wake him up and Randy will hit you when you wake him up."

"What about Craig?" Jade wandered

"Oh he's cool"

Nooki went over to Craig and shook him. He woke up with his eyes blood shot red.

"Looks like you didn't sleep well"

"I don't even remember going to sleep" 

"I don't think anybody does" 

Jade took her rubber band off and flicked it at Trey

"The hell!" Trey yelled

"Well at least you woke up" Jade tried

He just glared at her.

"Now Randy is the only one left." I smiled

Trey went over to Randy and shook him. Randy tried to swing at him but Trey cought his hand.

"Boy just get up"

Randy sat up and crossed his arms

"Why did I get woken up."

"We need to watch this video."

I realized it was still recording so I stopped it and pressed the play button. When it first started that's when everybody started taking shots. Jacob was already in his 4th shot. Of coarse he got drunk quick. Running up and down the stairs like a complete lunatic. Eventually everybody else got the same way. Jade was talking mess. She would just start cussing you out for no reason. Trey was hopping around on the counter top keeping his balance. And then there was Randy. he started drinking out of the moscato bottle and smashed the rest of with the bottle on the ground. Jacob got on his hands and knees and started licking it up off the floor. Randy and Craig joined him in licking the moscato off the floor. I joined Trey in hopping on the counter top and we both fell laughing hysterically. Jade grabbed Jacob's face and licked the rest of the drink of Jacob's face. When they were done Jacob started grinding on Jade and I was twerking on Trey. A few hours went by with us doing other crazy stuff then we eventually fell asleep. Randy fell asleep on the table. Trey and I fell asleep next to each other next to the counter. Jacob and Jade fell asleep next to the refrigerator. Craig fell asleep on a stair step. I fast forwarded and saw Jacob's mom I pressed play. She looked around and just shook her head. She was heading upstairs but then saw  Jade and Jaocb sleeping next to the fridge. She said 'awe' and took a picture. She was walking upstairs and saw Craig and held her head and went to her room. It was funny and weird looking at the video because I didn't remember any of it. Good thing I recorded it.

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