Chapter 2

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I looked up from my work when I realized the kitchen was darker. My eyes wandered to the window over the sink and I realized with a small shock that it had gotten dark while I had been here. Right now I was on the last few equations, Ray was rummaging through the fridge and Ronnie was asleep on the couch next to some other guy with dark hair who was watching t.v. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and checked the time, 6:32. I quickly finished up my homework and began to pack up. Ray turned around, a beer in his hand, “Done?” I nodded and stood, slinging my bag onto my shoulder as I did so. “I better go, I have to head home and start dinner,” I said, pulling a sticky note and a pen out of my bag. I quickly scrawled “Bye Ronnie, thanks for everything J - Oli” on it before sticking it to Ronnie’s forehead as I walked past and smiled at the person next to him who had jumped up as I walked in the room. “Hi! I’m Max,” he told me with a huge smile. “Oli,” I told him, sticking out my hand, which he ignored, pulling me into a hug instead. Max released me and giggles, “Bye!” I walked to the door and waved at Max before heading outside and back to my house.

I unlocked the door and walked in. Closing the door, I trudged upstairs and down the hall to my room. I kicked off my shoes, threw my backpack on the ground by the door and flopped onto my bed. I sighed and rolled over, pulling my iPod out of my pocket as I did so. I jammed the earbuds in and turned it on, cranking the volume up to max. volume and just lay there staring up at my ceiling while New Years Day’s song “Two in the Chest, One in the Head” blared in my ears.

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